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AI Operations

Digital Advertising & Marketing Services

Non-linearly scale operations and maximize Brand performance.

Combining people, process & technology is a form of Art and science to build scale, nurture creativity, and enable insights-driven revenue operations to maximize brand performance with precision.

Seamless extension of your team, passionate about your brands

Publishers | Retail Media Networks | Ad-Tech | Wall Gardens | Marketers

We streamline advertising & marketing operations from planning to setup of campaigns, interactive creative development to actionable insights for enhancing Brand performance. Integrate top talent with strategic solutions to deliver brand-centric campaign management across digital channels for improved ROAS. Acting as an extension of your team, we prioritize quality and efficiency to propel brands to unparalleled success. We simplify and automate repetitive processes through digital transformation, enabling a nonlinear operational scale.

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B2B marketing (Branding & Performance)
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Operational Excellence, Brand Performance & Frictionless Growth

Operate | Optimize | Transform | Scale

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    Scale Operation Outcomes

    Efficient | Predictable | Creative | Performance Driven

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    Ad Tech Solutions

    Futuristic | Robust | Flexible | Measurable

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    Enable Digital Transformation

    Magical experiences | Smart Apps & Workflows | Automation | Predictable Analytics


Customer Proof Points

Case Studies

B2C Spend Mastery for CPGs and Restaurants | Global Rider/Delivery App

Creative Designing
Sales Analytics

Discover the impact of implementing 24/7 support model across regions effectively managing premium brands, upsell initiatives and yileding a 24% productivity boost and a remarkable 10x ROAS.

Empowering CPG Brands: Optimizing Shopper Budget | Global Retail Giant

Campaign Setup
Order Booking
Billing Reconciling
Campaign Analytics
Experience the shift to a 24/7 operating model overseeing 8K ad campaigns with a 40% discount resulted in a 20% efficiency gain and a 30% increase in the client's ROAS.

Streamline and Scaled Ad Operations | Global Travel Advisory Platform

Media Planning
Ad Trafficking
Campaign Management

Learn how implementing a 24/5 operating model for global support & transitioning five LOBs and efficient volume/resource forecasting enabled the creation of 3K campaigns and 25K creatives annually.

Optimizing Content Integrity & PMP Management | Global AdTech Leader

Ad Review
IQ Vetting
Inventory Management
Brand Safety
Discover how our scanning tool flagged content, categorized effectively and managed PMP safeguarding $1.7M worth of inventory and diagnosing 18K deals.

Self Service Support & Brand Safety Management | Social News Platform

Campaign QA
Cust Delight Support
Content Moderation
Ad Review
Read how implementing a 4-Eye strategy, regional client taxonomy secured the client from fraudulent advertisers and reduced chargebacks by 90% & enabled onboarding of 200K advertisers.

Ad Operations & Ad Review Transformation | News Aggregator Platform

Ad Review & Blocking
Ads Management
Campaign Trafficking
GAM Reporting
Explore our round the clock coverage and robust checks, ensuring safety for advertisers & user and UGC content promptly addresses comments, handles a 100% increase and maintains quality assurance.
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Ready to non-linearly expand operations to support growth ?

Business Outcomes

Generate continuous value

Flexible Coverage

Enhances market reach and swiftly adapts to changing trends, empowering businesses to connect with diverse audiences and stay agile in a dynamic environment.

Unified Operations for Excellence

Customized and fine-tuned models result in improved accuracy, reducing errors and ensuring more reliable AI-driven solutions.

Faster Turnaround & Predictable Transaction

Enhance business outcomes with accelerated turnarounds and reliable transactions. The focus on efficiency ensures rapid execution, providing businesses with predictability and agility in crafting and executing effective advertising and marketing strategies.


Gain unparalleled expertise in optimization tactics to ensure a higher Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). A successful campaign is gauged by its value for advertisers and the optimal utilization of inventory for publishers.

Eliminate silos for insights driven success

Prioritize seamless collaboration & data integration, and this strategic approach ensures a comprehensive view, enabling the extraction of meaningful insights for more effective and impactful marketing strategies, ultimately driving success.

Better Brand Protection & Net Zero Errors

Assure ad-tech and publishers by seamlessly integrating human expertise and automation into reviewing advertising assets. This approach guarantees a consistent experience and brand safety, eradicating costly mistakes on both the buyer and sell sides and fostering an optimal digital advertising strategy.

By the Numbers

For Scale & Growth


$4.8 Billion

Media Spend Managed



Brands Served



Publishers Supported



 Campaigns Launched



Creatives Designed


2 Million

Campaign brand integrity verified



Microsites & Landing Pages



Invoices Reconciled

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Our Perspective

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Transforming Media Operations Webinar

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