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HFS Webinar | Post-Pandemic Guide to Automation | Webinar

Mar 15 2023 ,

The most over-hyped industry leading into the pandemic was automation.  Enterprises were buying RPA licenses and other automation software in droves without much of a game-plan on how to use the software, best train people across business functions, and redesign processes to benefit from automated tasks and workflows.

Now the game has completely changed as organizations are forced to operate in virtual environments, IT and business leaders are desperate for rapid access to data on their internal and external environments, and have no choice but to rethink processes that get them to the data they so desperately need.

Automation is the essential discipline to enable processes to function end-to-end in the cloud, whether it’s stitching together legacy systems in a cloud environment or integrating data from supply chain partners, customers, or other external sources in your business ecosystem.  It is the essential discipline to make AI possible to refine the data we need to be effective.

Get to know what the panelists discussed on these seven pointers:

  1. If you wish for a band-aid, you will get a band-aid
  2. Automation, cloud, and data nexus are vital for success
  3. Automation needs a C-level push and an employee-level pull to be successful
  4. Automation success requires diversified investments across the tech stack
  5. Use automation to “automate”
  6. A OneOffice mindset is a prerequisite to automation success
  7. Call for expert help
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