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Thomas Reuner of HFS Research Explains OPEXWise & One Office Mindset - Webinars


Thomas Reuner of HFS Research Explains OPEXWise & One Office Mindset

Mar 04 2024 ,

Thomas Reuner (Tom) from HFS explains managing complexity, integration, and orchestration at the workplace for a better digital transformation. He also demonstrates the one-office mindset, and how Innovation plays a vital role in large operations.

How RPA and automation have evolved from HFS PoV?

  • RPA was meant to be about process automation and decoupling routine service delivery from labour arbitrage
  • But it turned largely into task automation and employee productivity
  • Hype is distorting the market
  • Fundamentally, automation is not a strategy but a discipline that should be native
  • How do we get to automating the automation? How do we manage all the new complexity?

Tom also illustrates the research performed by HFS about the present and future of automation, challenges in creating the digital workforce due to change management, and how an organization should see automation as a culture. Watch the video for more insights... 

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