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What is Brand Safety? What are the Best Ways to Keep Brands Safe? - Blogs


What is Brand Safety? What are the Best Ways to Keep Brands Safe?

Apr 18 2024 , Monika

Brand security was not a key element of the ad ecosystem until 2015, when both buyers and sellers did not pay much attention to it since most of the market was involved in direct selling. Post the inception of programmatic and header bidding, a significant population of these enterprises is reeling under constant pressure for clean ad serving concepts and vice versa for publishers.

Understanding the Importance of Brand Safety 

Consider this: inadvertently appearing alongside extremist propaganda, a brand's advertisement can irreparably damage its image and credibility. A survey by Network Research shows that 20% of consumers prefer brands that advertise on credible websites and platforms and that 19% of consumers will view a brand in a negative light if they see an advertisement on a non-credible website. 

These statistics serve as a compelling reminder of the tangible impact of brand safety on consumer trust and brand loyalty. The advertising technology world has begun to pay attention to Brand Safety and Trust

How to Keep Brands Safe? 

Getting Rid of Bot Traffic 

Bot Traffic has detrimental effects on both Advertisers and publishers. It influences the brand's estimation of the advertiser if it shows their advertisement with significant Bot Traffic. Collaborating with reputable fraud prevention suppliers empowers publishers to identify and eliminate bot traffic and ensure genuine audience engagement, and optimize the efficacy of buyer’s advertising investments.

Implementing Keyword Blacklisting 

Advertisers can utilize this method to avert their promotions appearing close to controversial and negative content. Buyers include a rundown of inappropriate keywords, such as Kill, Blood, and so on, in their promotions, and the advertisement will not show close to the content with similar words. While this protects the advertiser's brand image, it's essential to acknowledge the potential impact on publishers whose inventories would be unsold.

Conducting Pre-RTB Checks 

  • To ensure brand safety, comprehensive pre-RTB (Real-Time Bidding) checks must be conducted prior to serving advertisements. 
  • Appearance, Behavior, and Content (ABC) Assessment: Verify the suitability of advertising assets based on their appearance, behavior, and content. 
  • Adherence to Standards: Ensure that assets load within acceptable time frames and adhere to industry standards set by organizations like the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and MRC (Media Rating Council). 
  • Legitimacy Verification: Verify the legitimacy of promotions, particularly on social platforms, using tools such as Shift Science for enhanced accuracy. 

Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe 

Brand safety is an ongoing process. Prioritize brand safety, stay informed about the latest potential threats and adapt your strategies accordingly to consistently foster trust with your customers. 

By focusing on the elimination of bot traffic, implementing proactive measures such as keyword blacklisting, and conducting rigorous pre-RTB checks, sellers can uphold their buyer integrity and reputation. Furthermore, the benefits extend beyond mere brand preservation. Studies consistently show that consumers gravitate towards brands prioritizing safety and credibility in their advertising goals. 

By aligning with these values, brands can cultivate stronger connections with audiences and drive sustainable growth in the long term. These efforts mitigate the risk of associating with undesirable content and demonstrate a commitment to consumer well-being and ethical advertising practices. 

iOPEX: Your End-to-End Brand Safety Solution 

Ensure higher brand safety, integrity, and trust with expertise fueled by technology accelerators. We offer future-proof and comprehensive Ad Optimization Services, catering to advertisers and publishers. Our Unified Media Platform, comprising iMediaDesk & iMediaPlace, acts as an optimization accelerator, empowering brands in their quest for security, trust, and ROI. Together, let's build a safer, more resilient advertising ecosystem.

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