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3 Best Ways to Keep your Brands Safe | iOPEX - Blogs


3 Best Ways to Keep your Brands Safe | iOPEX

Brand security was not a key element of the ad ecosystem until 2015, where both Buyer and Seller have not paid much attention to it since most of the market was involved in direct selling. Post the inception of programmatic and header bidding, a significant population of the enterprises are reeling under constant pressure for clean ad serving concepts and vice versa for publishers. 

When a brand’s advertisement is shown next to an extremist propaganda video, the brand's perception is negatively impacted. The entire Advertising technology world has begun to Pay attention to Brand Safety and Trust.

A survey by Network Research shows that 20% of consumers prefer brands that advertise on credible websites and platforms and that 19% of consumers will view a brand in a negative light if they see an advertisement on a non-credible website.

Ensure higher brand safety, integrity, and trust with expertise operations fuelled by technology accelerators.

How to Keep the Brands Safe:

  • Getting Rid of Bot Traffic
    - Bot Traffic affects both Advertiser and publishers negatively. It influences the brand's estimation of the Advertiser, in the event, that it shows their advertisement which has significant Bot Traffic. Identifying them, using fraud prevention suppliers helps to ensure the brand.
  • Keyword Blacklisting
    - Advertisers can utilize this method to avert their promotions appearing close to controversial and negative content. Buyers include a rundown of some inappropriate keywords, such as Kill, Blood, and so on, in their promotions and the advertisement will not show close by the content which has similar words in it. It ensures the brand value for the advertisers; however, it will be a loss for the publishers as their inventories would be unsold.
  • Pre RTB checks
    - Advertising campaign's creative assets should be checked for ABC – Appearance, behaviour, and content for absolute serving.
    - Assets Load times re-directs should be checked to be in line with IAB and MRC standards.
    - The legitimacy of promotions – need to check with Shift science accuracies for social platforms.


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