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Intelligent Automation Solution Factory for a Large Telecom Provider

Dec 05 2022 ,

iOPEX’s intelligent automation solution helped a leading Telecom giant repurpose 30K Manual hours used annually to segregate data from multiple LOBs to create audit reports that would be used to drive business decisions impacting the overall organizational direction.

The Client: The client is one of the leading Telecom providers in the United States.

Challenge: SOX Compliance is an essential function for publicly listed US organizations for maintaining the integrity of financial data maintained by the business. All data, systems and accounts that come under the scope of SOX must withstand the high scrutiny of auditors and therefore it is pertinent that this data is processed as completely and accurately as possible.

With the need being across multiple organizational horizontals (Data Source is from multiple LOBs and differs in type, format and structure which requires various methods of extraction from multiple sources), the data present is increasingly diverse which would require correlation analysis for preventing major SOX Control breaches. 


Automatic extraction of data from various data sources using UiPath bot is performed and the clean-up of the same is done in conjunction with the necessary LOBs to map the records against. The unstructured data is captured via means of OCR against documents which was trained to identify based on pre- existing patterns of data locators. In this process the UiPath bot uses multiple means of data extraction from raw audit logs. (API, Powershell, Email & Flat file data point extraction)

The extracted audit records get inserted into the data factory where the AI Enabled bot cleans up the data and then classifies against each SOX Control. These records (using ML) will be analyzed against historic patterns that were provided by the customer of a long period for mean regression analysis and the correct data points will be generated accordingly and evolve further with each iteration of the bot.

Finally, the bot will consolidate the audit report for further review while also sending near real time alerts during SOX Impact situations to the relevant LOBs if any red flag data point are found.

Our Approach: