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Intelligent Automation Solution Factory for an E-commerce Giant

Dec 05 2022 ,

iOPEX’s intelligent automation solution helped a leading E Commerce company repurpose 24K Manual hours resulting in $1.5 M worth of claims being automated annually.

The Client: The client is one of the leading E Commerce providers of finished goods having a supply chain that provides both new and refurbished products to the end customers. 

Challenge: The client had to user claims of damaged goods and those orders that were unfulfilled. As the client uses multiple delivery partners each partner had their own claim system for verifying a claim to be submitted against the total order value for reimbursement. The use of captcha while submitting claims proved to be an additional work for the end user assigned for the same. 


While the basic automation techniques such as extraction of data from excel and the web UI was straightforward, a new strategy was required for pulling captcha that was generated via audio.

By Integrating with AWS audio to text, we were able to download the captcha audio file via the browser and then converted it to text thereby giving us the key needed to complete the gateway for claims submission. 

Our Approach: