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Transforming CX Operations: Power of Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction - Casestudies


Transforming CX Operations: Power of Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

May 29 2024 ,

Witness our client's journey, a leading provider of advanced Wi-Fi solutions, as they overcome operational challenges to elevate service delivery and drive unparalleled value.

The Client:

A market leader in advanced Wi-Fi and connectivity solutions, boasting a 35% market share in North America and serving nearly 1 million service subscribers. Their products are distributed through 19,000 value-added resellers and serve major cable, mobile, and wireline service providers globally.

The Challenge:

  1. Unstructured forecasting systems impacted the fast-growing business.
  2. Limited visibility into multi-channel volume arrival patterns, affecting accurate staffing planning.
  3. Longer turnaround times for case handling due to the absence of an integrated ticketing system.
  4. Poor service levels as the customer data was scattered across mailboxes.
  5. The backlog of unprocessed data hindered the extraction of valuable insights.
  6. Extracting insights from email data was labor-intensive, impeding comprehensive analysis of customer behavior trends.

Download the case study now for insights into our client's journey and the strategies employed to overcome these challenges.

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