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Providing transparency with timely audit on media spend across channels and its ROI drives authentic value to any marketer, integrating with all agency and third-party research data systems and making it real time moves the needle far beyond by providing true value.

Media Management Services
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Fact-based audit and assessment of the performance of the media by 3rd party enables great results, efficiency and compliance

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Branding 3 Brands Redefining Creativity In Advertising Blog Banner

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Service Offerings


Un-biased & Independent Audit

We supplement agencies media transactions by enabling neutral evaluation for advertisers by evaluating various digital media spend across various channels against KPIs and industry benchmarks to drive value in cost and quality.


Data Driven Insights

Our audit findings comes straight from the data across various sources panning from system that manages order, campaign setup, delivery metrics and third party verifications.


No Random Sampling

We don't do random sampling, because sampling doesn't cut it in media auditing. Our audit delivers actionable and quantifiable findings, insights and action plans.


Digital Ad Spend Transparency And Accountability

Our Prescriptive reporting leads to markedly improved future campaign results by analysing beyond summary-level, third-party verification data and self-reported media agency analytics through effective outcome correlations


Media/Marketing Procurement Analysis

Identify and deliver cash savings and media value by reviewing the media investment and conducting fact-based negotiations points across the marketing spend. Establish best practice guidelines and processes to drive savings.


Financial Auditing

Review internal, agency and media owner reconciliation procedures, invoicing and correlating with media contracts and policies for cost and leakage assurance


Our Approach


a.  Data Mapping:

iOPEX will work with agency through brand representatives to gain access to data that needs to be mapped for analysis to collect key data for the audits

  • Direct Order Campaign Details
  •  Programmatic Order
  • Calls & Orders

b. Develop a data capturing medium

  • Use proprietary digital spend analysis toolkit called iDataLens or customer recommended environment, the data will be imported as described below
  • Manual import of CSV files containing data related to campaign, delivery, call and orders.
  • Scheduled job configured to fetch the CSV file from a FTP location and execute the import.
  • Use API and ETL tools to import data to the wear house

c. Dashboard Definition for Data Analysis:

Key data points that would be available to make real time stop loss decisions are

  • Ad spend across different advertising channel vs impression views and actions
  • Ad spend across advertising channel vs calls and order booked and its revenue
  • Served Impression vs Completion and viewable impression

The above analysis would be substantiated with data relating to Ad runs across Sites, Network, and Content category and its cost. This would enable visibility on high performing avenues across various levels

d. Deployment of Real Time Analysis Team

  •  iOPEX will deploy a team of Analysts with primary responsibility to analyze the different goal trends across various digital investments in real time and provide insights to the marketing team on actionable items relating to Campaign Optimization & Stop Loss details of Campaigns.
  • The Team would monitor data on a real time periodically and submit detailed report on all the yield obtained and provide recommendation for betterment.

e. Recommendation and Continuous Monitoring

  • The customized report and analysis data will be used to evaluate channels to avoid marketing spend
  • Plot strategies for effective spending on new streams of digital spend avenues to drive better business results
  • List the best practices to further improve effectiveness in line to the KPIs
  • Recommend further automation for higher operational efficiency
  • Weigh the benefits of advertising in paid media vs promoting owned and earned media
Media Consulting Services & Solutions

Our Expertise


We help brands gain credibility, trust, and respect, and in the process build sustainable growth. Our media management team will work closely with your company leadership to perform an extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of your brand and competitive landscape and create and implement an integrated media marketing strategy across multiple touchpoints


Talk to us to know how we can use our digital media management services to drive new business for you

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