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Canvas Worldwide Streamlines Ad Ops via Automation | iOPEX

Mar 01 2024 ,


iOPEX Technologies, a global business operations, and technology services provider, and Canvas Worldwide, the world's second-largest independent media agency, have partnered to provide Canvas Worldwide with a touchless automation framework to support the company’s future-proof vision of automating ad operations tasks and gaining efficiency. This will equip Canvas Worldwide with progressive and proactive solutions to effectively engage with customers and improve the employee experience.

Offering innovative marketing solutions for brands looking to challenge conventional thinking and instead make their own bold strokes, Canvas Worldwide relies on creative solutions and staff accountability to drive business success for customers. This starts with a client-centric approach and prioritizing increased speed to market.

However, whether it’s campaign setup, creative management, or reporting and reconciliation, manual and mundane tasks lower productivity and enthusiasm. Recognizing this, Canvas Worldwide was in need of an automation solution that allowed the ad operations team to quickly meet customer needs while seamlessly creating and identifying advanced initiatives.

By leveraging iOPEX Technologies’ touchless automation solutions, Canvas Worldwide has been able to enhance efficiency and transparency across the customer lifecycle, all the way down to billing reconciliation.

“As a leading media agency, it's imperative for us to always be evolving and entrepreneurial. Our technology team supports that mission by embracing new ideas from every part of our company,” said Kevin McEvilly, SVP of Technology at Canvas Worldwide. “The Canvas automation program actually grew from a cross-section of employees interested in improving accuracy and efficiency. We knew early on the partnership with iOPEX Technologies would be a natural fit. We were quickly reducing rote and error-prone tasks, improving the quality of our data, and increasing proactive engagements with vendors and clients. Ultimately, this has improved the quality of our work and freed up more time to identify better solutions for clients.”

Through iOPEX Technologies’ touchless automation framework, Canvas Worldwide is able to automate ad operations, handling ad/campaign creation, implementation, monitoring, billing, and reconciliation processes for consistent, accurate, and faster time to market deliveries. The solutions can redeploy seasoned ad ops analysts to spend more time with customers and improve return on advertising spend, move faster in offering custom and creative solutions to meet campaign objectives, and better measure Canvas Worldwide’s true customer satisfaction rate and revenue. The solution will automate repetitive, voluminous operational and analytical tasks, improve resource utilization and avoid reworks due to errors, and meet tighter timelines with accuracy. This improves both availability and the customer experience.

“As consumer demand continues to increase, media agencies are being forced to transform their traditional ad operations to drive greater efficiency and scale business, we are excited to announce this partnership with Canvas Worldwide to help enhance outcome quality and greater customer success,” said Nagarajan Chakravarthy, Chief Digital Officer at iOPEX Technologies. "Through extensive experience with automating ad operations, iOPEX has helped Canvas Worldwide use employee time efficiently, allowing them to perform high-value tasks by enabling innovation across ad stack strategies, new products, and process improvements.”

About iOPEX Technologies:
iOPEX is a leader in digital operations. We help transform the business operations of large enterprises by integrating them with automation. We deliver operational solutions and automation for business processes like technology, finance, and marketing operations. Our framework for integrated workflow automation helps the journey for operational teams to go from manual operations to AI-based operations to No-Ops delivering up to 30% cost savings. We help some of the top fortune 500 companies to optimize enterprise operations and adopt digital transformation across different industry verticals.

About Canvas Worldwide:
Named Adweek’s 2020 Breakthrough Media Agency of the Year, Canvas Worldwide is an independent media agency that provides innovative marketing solutions for brands looking to challenge conventional thinking and instead make their own bold strokes. Launched in 2015, the agency is dual headquartered in Los Angeles and New York, with regional offices in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Atlanta. Canvas Worldwide services world-class clients such as Hyundai Motor America, Kia Motors America, McDonald’s, United Artists Releasing, Heineken, and more. The agency’s culture is built around the idea that in order to achieve anything great, one must always first make yourself uncomfortable. To learn more, visit:

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