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Digital transformation in business is like evolution in nature

Jun 03 2022 , Shiva Ramani

The 3 Pillars of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in business is like evolution in nature — a never-ending process. Organizations that claim to have finished transformation are either not well connected to their ecosystem or not well connected to their customer behavior, said Shiva Ramani, CEO at San Jose, Calif.-based iOPEX Technologies, a business services provider offering optimized IT management services. But there are logical points in the digital transformation journey where leaders need to pause and reprioritize transformation activities.

There are three distinct pillars in a digital transformation journey:

  1. Replatforming the organization’s IT assets.
  2. Remodeling operations to become digital, which requires significant process reengineering.
  3. Recrafting customer experiences to match the digital-first environment.

Sometimes businesses can take the Venn diagram approach to find where all three areas intersect, but sometimes they must do them in parallel. In each of these journeys, there are points of inflection that give 10x returns. “Businesses must identify those inflection points, pause, remodel operations and ultimately claim victory,” Ramani said.

Source CMS Wire

Why Digital Transformation Is a Never-Ending Process

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