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Scale Automation Program | HFS POV | iOPEX Technologies

Mar 01 2024 ,

Find out how iOPEX’s automation solution for the UK-based telecommunication giant stood out amongst others and how our approach scaled and saved up to $15 million? where so many got stuck at the pilot stage!

Learn more about the complete framework that was envisioned and executed by iOPEX here: HFS Point of view on scaling automation

Source: HFS

The Bottom Line:

Don’t ask yourself what you should automate. Focus on the problems you need to solve.

Enterprise leaders should not have to ask themselves, “What should I automate?” They should instead focus on the problem they need to solve and then turn to their partner ecosystems to support solutions to the problem. The fact that the iOPEX solution has scaled beyond the pilot should encourage other enterprises to focus on the problem they want to solve and align themselves with ecosystems of trusted solutions providers consisting of services and technology partners.

The iOPEX project proves automation can make a significant impact in large enterprises. We applaud the integration of enterprise technologies (such as ServiceNow and ERP Systems) in the solution and recognize the deep customer knowledge iOPEX was able to draw on to identify how and where to scale out beyond the pilot. But this case shows it takes more than technology and length of tenure to succeed. You need to align enterprise will, services, and technology vendor ambition to move the needle.

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