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iOPEX launches Compliance and Governance Add-On for ServiceNow’s Creator Workflows

Feb 29 2024 ,

iOPEX is ServiceNow's lead launch partner for Creator Workflow Solutions to enable adoption and developing solutions focused towards, compliance, governance & optimizing cost to serve and cost to book.

iOPEX’s industry expertise and solutions to drive byte-size transformation powered by ElevAIte AI-led platforms, integrated with ServiceNow's Creator Workflow platform enables end-to-end digital transformation.

iOPEX newly assembled ServiceNow Creator workflow Business Group will bring in an integrated offerings to deliver next-generation, easy to implement, cost-optimized digital solutions for clients.

iOPEX Technologies, a leader in innovative digital transformation solutions, proudly announces its latest offering: a Compliance and Governance add-on designed exclusively for ServiceNow's Creator Workflows. This state-of-the-art add-on is specifically engineered to enhance the capabilities of ServiceNow by integrating comprehensive compliance and governance functionalities, including advanced integrated risk management strategies.

This add-on empowers organizations to proactively manage compliance and governance challenges within their ServiceNow environment. By automating compliance tasks, risk assessments, and reporting, the add-on ensures that businesses can adhere to regulatory requirements more efficiently and effectively. Features include streamlined compliance processes, enhanced risk visibility, and automated governance controls, all built on the flexible and powerful platform of ServiceNow Creator Workflows.

"Building custom apps and intelligent workflow automations that ensure all business procedures, operations and practices comply with legal standards, industry regulations, and internal policies is a growing requirement in the market as clients rush to digitally transform as much as possible. Because all organizations run and operate a bit differently, ServiceNow’s Creator Workflows has the flexibility required to build any solution for automating intelligent workflows, and custom applications for use cases we don’t have out of the box."

- Craig Steel, Global VP ServiceNow – Creator Workflow

 "Our Compliance and Governance add-on, enriched with integrated risk management capabilities, signifies our commitment to providing robust, innovative solutions that address the complex needs of modern enterprises"

- Shiva Ramani, CEO of iOPEX Technologies.

 iOPEX’s experience with ServiceNow allows them to leverage Creator Workflows to build custom solutions unique to an organization and business on the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow and iOPEX have a great partnership that customers can leverage to streamline operations, scale business, drive smart innovation at optimal cost to build and improve operational efficiencies. 

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