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Transforming CPG Operations with AI and Retail Media

Apr 29 2024 ,

This interesting livecast highlights conversation between Naga Chakravarthy, CDO, iOPEX, Sri Raj Gopalan and Peter VS Bolland, the hosts of the CPG Guys LinkedIn live session, who are CPG industry and digital transformation experts.

In this livecast, you will explore how to leverage AI and retail media effectively and efficiently. You will discover more insight on the key focus areas of CPG and Retail Media companies:

  • Managing service operations for publishers, agencies, and retail media companies, using AI to optimize the operations and the outcomes, such as revenue, profitability, and cost to serve.
  • Building business systems that streamline and enhance the retail media operations, using technological expertise and operational experience to analyze the process and data, and producing solutions that optimize various domains, such as finance, revenue, and advertising.
  • Applying generative AI on top of the operations and the business systems, to automate and optimize the creative process, the performance analysis, and the decision making in the retail media space, using natural language generation, natural language understanding, computer vision, and deep learning.

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You will also learn how to conduct a dialogue analysis, which is a study of the day in a life of an analyst or a creative operations person, to understand the process science and data science behind the operations. You will also see how to improve the efficiency and the scalability of the campaign management and performance process, using an AI accelerator tool that integrates with all the existing systems and automates the process.

This livecast is a must-see for anyone who wants to understand the future of AI and retail media in the CPG industry. You will learn how to think AI first and identify the best use cases and the maximum return for any AI-led automation. You will also understand the challenges and solutions of AI and retail media, such as governance, ethics, skills, culture, and measurement. You will also be amazed by the opportunities and benefits of AI and retail media, such as operational efficiency, cost reduction, profitability increase, customer experience enhancement, and competitive advantage.

Don't miss this livecast, where you will learn from the experts and the innovators how to transform your CPG operations with AI and retail media. View now and get ready to be inspired and empowered.

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