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Transform Sales/Revenue & Product Operations | ServiceNow | iOPEX

Feb 27 2024 ,

Enabling experiences with seamless workflows is becoming the focal point for operational strategies for IT and business functions. However, leveraging data across organizational boundaries and collaborating in real-time to support those experiences requires innovative approaches.

The Digital Roundtable (DRT) discussed how the framework for scaling digital workflows using ServiceNow should focus on the experiences you want to deliver as outcomes rather than a narrow and tech-led systems integration approach. And how working with the right service provider offers a fast track to bringing best practices in applying the benefits of ServiceNow software’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), Business Process Management(BPM), Customer Service Management(CSM), and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) modules.

Read about the right steps to take to ensure digital workflow success in HFS's PoV on OneOffice™ experiences to deliver while scaling digital workflows

The Bottom Line: 

Enterprises recognize that they must make the leap from operational expense optimization to become innovation leaders driving improved operation experiences. They may save time and money without that leap, but they won’t create new value. Partners such as iOPEX can help them by bringing the HFS OneOffice to life by applying tools such as ServiceNow to create digital workflows with new and differentiated operating experiences for a range of people extending far beyond IT Service Management (ITSM)/IT Operations Management (ITOM).

Key insights shared by DRT participants:

  • Phani Sridhar, iOPEX – Click here, to watch the video clip
  • Rajesh Sharma, ServiceNow – Click here, to watch the video clip
  • Sapna Jain, ATT – Click here, to watch the video clip
  • Nigel Loughlin, Vodafone Business – Click here, to watch the video clip
  • Nagarajan Chakravarthy, iOPEX – Click here, to watch the video clip

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