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Robotic Process Automation Ops | Use Cases | iOPEX

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Biz Operations Automation

Explore the process areas in business operations and strengthen your automation capabilities

Front & Back Office Automation

Marketing & Sales

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Creating & Delivering Invoices
  • Updating CRM
  • Updating Scorecards
  • Sales & Services Support 

Customer Relationship Management

  • Loading Customer Data
  • Retrieve Billing Data
  • Update User Preference & Information
  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support 

Supply Chain Operations

  • Updating Inventory Records
  • Issuing Refunds
  • Compliance
  • Updating Vendor Records
  • Order Fulfillment 

General Office Operations

  • Transaction Processing
  • Document Preparation
  • Account Maintenance
  • Client Services
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Customer Onboarding 

Advertising Ops Automation

Direct Ad Operations
  • Campaign Pre-Launch Review
  • Asset Management
  • I/O Implementation
  • Creative Implementation
  • QA Testing
  • Post Launch Verification
Programmatic Operations
  • Campaign Creation
  • Creative Trafficking / Swapping
  • Ad Tag Publishing
  • Media Buying
  • Private Marketplace Management
Performance Management
  • Delivery Optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Optimized Targeting
  • Campaign Modifications
  • Creative Updates
  • Yield Management
Reporting, Billing and Reconciliation
  • Delivery Reports Ad Campaigns
  • Billing
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Viewability
  • Reconciliation
  • ROAS By Channels
Support & Resolve
  • Creative Troubleshooting
  • Ad Tags System
  • Technical Issues
  • Reporting Discrepancies
Process Improvement
  • Order Management
  • Assurance Testing Process
  • Escalation Process
  • Affiliate Partner Management
  • Advertiser / Agency Mgmt.
  • Internal Communication
Ad Stack Strategy
  • Ad System Evaluation
  • New Products / Services Evaluation
  • Ad Server Set up
  • Ad Server Migration
  • New Ad Tag Architecture
  • Platform Integration
New Product Testing
  • Responsive Ad Designs
  • Cross-Platform Implementation
  • User Acceptance Testing

Recent Success

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The Client: World's Largest Telecommunication Company

Business Challenge

High exposure to safety and security risks due to non-compliance and irregular maintenance. Issues in Billing and expenses tracking were the major challenges for the client. 

iOPEX Solution

RPA was implemented with bots to monitor contractual terms and conditions for vendors & contractors without SLA deviations. iOPEX also suggests auto check of stock qty of admin supplies and auto-generation of purchase order based on contractual terms & pricing. An effective process for assets maintenance was ingested. 

Business Impact

  • TAT for Contract renewal was reduced from 5 working days to 2.
  • 99% of equipment uptime and was an all-time high.
  • Billing and expenses were streamlined, and leaks were eliminated.

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