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Digital Transformation In Media Operations | Webinar - Webinars


Digital Transformation In Media Operations | Webinar

Jan 05 2024 ,

The session on digital transformation in media operations was moderated by Randal Wark which was one of the most interactive sessions of the day. The keynote speakers being media-based leaders, the examples and analogies were very interesting and engaging to the audience.

Kevin McEvily, Senior VP of Canvas Worldwide, Tom Kelshaw, Managing Partner at GroupM, and Craig Barberich, Global Head (MSE) at ServiceNow share their unique experience on how Digital Transformation has played a vital role in the media front especially on Ad Operations, referring to the systems and process involved and how automation has changed the employee and user experiences.

  • Tom Kelshaw discussed how the present data-driven way to doing the media businesses and what kind of technologies that they have adopted to the changing needs of the business to stay competitive.
  • Kevin provided an interesting viewpoint to the question that Randal asked taking the Analogy of Godfather “ I am going to make you an offer that you can’t refuse” – what is that one thing that Digital Transformation has to offer which customers can’t refuse.
  • Craig explained the importance of cloud technologies with audio and video streaming, the security measures that companies need to take into account while opting for digital transformation. 

Watch the video below for more interesting comments and ideas shared by the panel members.

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