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APA – The New Data Analytics Movement

Efficiently processing large amounts of data is the cornerstone to organizational success. However, with many enterprises still working on legacy systems, its approach to analytics fails to meet the rapidly changing market demands. The key to the success of digital transformation is when human creativity works hand in hand with analytics tools and artificial intelligence to decode and analyse data and enable decision-makers with information that helps them achieve better business outcomes.

The APA movement

Analytic Process Automation (APA) is much more than just a data analysis tool. It is an automated, self-servicing data analytics platform that concentrates on delivering business outcomes while building a culture of analytics in your organization.

APA creates data scientists out of your employees by upskilling them on data analysis to create refined actionable content by treating data as an asset, democratizing it, and making it available to your workforce. Your data team can perform advanced analytics without knowing how to code or without any training in Data Science. By taking over the mundane, repetitive tasks of sourcing, finding, cleaning, and organizing data, APA empowers your workforce with time and energy to focus on more important tasks that require human interventions.

Directional shift

While enterprises are recognizing the need for clear and concise data for decision making, what they use is only a small fraction of their repository that too made available to them in a descriptive format and might lack creative insights that reduce its actionable value.

Analytic Process Automation changes the way you view and make sense of information since it democratizes the data and allows movement from a descriptive to a prescriptive analytical format. Plus, it also facilitates an analytical culture in the organization without undergoing any intensive technological training that requires them to code. 


Digital transformation is as much about amplifying human intelligence as it is about incorporating smarter systems. Implementing APA will help you in reducing complexity and automating processes and will free up your time so you can upskill and move towards more transformative business outcomes. iOPEX uses Analytic Process Automation to empower your workforce by making data easily accessible, facilitating faster decision making, and seamlessly co-existing with the digital workers.

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