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RPA and DevOps: The Keys to Business Automation Success | iOPEX - Blogs


RPA and DevOps: The Keys to Business Automation Success | iOPEX

Feb 28 2024 , Abhik Majumdar

Happy new year 2018! New year always comes with new ideas to improve and excel on personal as well as on professional front. This year seems to be quite interesting as enterprise leaders are focused on the “Business transformational journey” and “Automation” seems to be the buzz and the road ahead to be more lean, efficient, and agile.

To be more precise “Business automation” is the strategic chart organizations want to lay down to attain success. And my observation says “DevOps” and “RPA” will be the two key implementation ideas/approaches that will lead to success. Being a DevOps enthusiast and from the fraternity, I have seen enterprises grow many folds through DevOps adoption (please refer to my earlier blogs). But with my role at iOPEX, it's been fascinating to see RPA (Robotic process automation) adoption and how it is transforming business growth by a minimum of 60%. Lucky to interact with industry leaders and also lay down the transformational journey chart for them, following are a few observations towards success story:

  1. RPA and DevOps both need a proper maturity model assessment to understand the current scenario and build the chart for future growth with appropriate tools/processes and implementations as per business needs.
  2. Re-architecting the DevOps and RPA in terms of the application stack and business process optimization.
  3. Technology and business goals alignment will create success in terms of achieving minimum 50% growth.
  4. Create a platform for both “just-in time” software release(DevOps) and “just – in time” business assurance and delivery (RPA)
  5. Strategic business transformation success for enterprise path must lead into two heads:
  6. DevOps (application stack automation)
  7. RPA (business process automation)

As you all know Digital transformation is the ultimate goal for every enterprise, DevOps and RPA will be the critical criteria to attain success. Look forward to your feedback and welcome to the journey! Will share more details with case study in my next blog.

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