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Prominent Design and Development Trends to Keep an Eye On | iOPEX - Blogs


Prominent Design and Development Trends to Keep an Eye On | iOPEX

Businesses need to constantly keep up with the changing customer and end-user demands and expectations. While design refers to the activities that create look, feel and style, development refers to the collective process of identifying, creating, testing, modifying, and refining products till they are ready for production.

Emerging trends

Within the sphere of design and development in digital engineering, there are three noteworthy emerging trends that are currently making waves in the market and are being incorporated by modern and modernizing organizations:

  • Chatbots for customer support – Businesses can enhance customer experience by using AI and ML-powered chatbots that use natural language processing to respond and drive complex conversations through active learning making them highly effective and efficient. AI-enabled chatbots are integrated with the organization’s IT infrastructure allowing them to tap into customer information and offer personalized experiences.
  • API-first design and streamlined workloads – With the advent of IoT, all gadgets are connected which makes for a great user experience. But behind this seamless user experience lies a web of backend and frontend connections. For this to work, traditional development teams first design the application, then add the appropriate APIs. The coordination between the front and back end takes a lot of time and can be solved with the API-first development strategy that allows products to evolve into self-organizing ecosystems and becomes the foundation for others to build on.
  • AI and cybersecurity – With the increase in cybersecurity threats, the implementation of AI systems help cybersecurity professionals safeguard their enterprise from cyber-attacks. Dynamic approaches are necessary for ever-evolving cybersecurity risks that cannot be contained using conventional cybersecurity protocols. Cybersecurity solutions relying on ML use data from earlier cyber-attacks to respond to newer but somewhat similar risks. By using intelligent automation to trigger risk red flags and detect simple threats and attacks, AI systems in cybersecurity also free up significant time for tech employees. AI systems can also help is by categorizing security attacks based on threat levels.


High-performing companies need a swift engineering approach in releasing products and bespoke applications in twice faster time to stay relevant. iOPEX will help you turn your ideas into reality by creating and implementing agile engineering solutions that will enable you to scale your business to a greater height by leveraging emerging technologies and engineering best practices.

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