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Order to Cash Process | iOPEX

Nov 09 2021 , Navaniranjan N

Order to cash also referred to as O2C or OTC comprises a set of processes that are used in a business setting for receiving customer sales orders and the payments pertaining to them. Though it might sound simple, the process involved is highly complex, especially for large organizations, hence careful attention requires for optimizing the process cycle for an easy cash flow.

iOPEX helps finance leaders address the most critical priorities to create value for the business — Order to cash is one such process in F&A functions that iOPEX specializes in. We integrate back-office supporting order-to-cash processes, including revenue recognition, sales reporting, and accounts payable capabilities, and develop a high-performance operating model by constantly improving the core processes through process improvement and automation.

Order to Cash – Process Cycle

We Operate and Optimize your O2C cycle

At iOPEX, we focus on End-to-end O2C process improvement through elimination, simplification, and standardization of activities as well as the use of new technologies to streamline processes. Our core value proposition includes:

  • Monitor process performance and Identify continuous improvement areas.
  • Improve Customer Relationships with Better Customer Data.
  • Make it Easy to Do Business with You.
  • Reduce time spent on financial and management reports preparation.
  • Provide Analytics for understanding spend behavior, supplier performance, and compliance visibility.
  • Automate Your Processes.

Automate your O2C cycle with iOPEX:

iOPEX’s automation process helps companies to significantly reduce the order to cash cycle time, it allows you to process each order right away without having to wait for the customer service agent to enter the details. And, you can avoid collection delays by sending the invoices as soon as the order is complete which optimizes the cash flow process. Automation also helps you scale your order to cash processes without having to hire new employees. The teams you already have in place can take on new (and more valuable) work as well.

Our automation process is designed to manage the end-to-end O2C cycle which means it allows you to streamline every process involved in an O2C cycle. It allows automation both on a single process like Sales order management or the entire order to cash process can be automized. The automation system allows collecting detailed reports during the process which helps to collect to improve their current O2C process which includes everything from Supply chain to inventory management.

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