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Transforming Contact Centers with Big Data Style | iOPEX - Blogs


Transforming Contact Centers with Big Data Style | iOPEX

Feb 14 2023 , Krishnan Rangi

Today, no enterprise has to be whip-smart to realize the countless possibilities arising out of the profusion of data. If corralled, analyzed, and put into action in a highly methodical manner, big data can alter contact center operations radically for the better. When issues gall customers, contact centers are the essential ports of call for them. So, the buck stops at customer care departments to gift customers a pleasant, smooth, and holistic experience. Exactly where big data can bring in a revolution; using it agents can anticipate customer needs and ensure context while delivering support.

Why are support centers still lagging behind when it comes to using big data?

In spite of being aware of the benefits that trail an all-around big data strategy, companies are still struggling with some weighty deal-breakers while implementing it. Perhaps, among these, data overload occupies the leading position. For contact centers, it’s cumbersome to manage unending jets of data streaming in from various sources because it’s quality, not quantity that matters. Superabundance also runs the risk of stretching systems beyond their defined limits.

As the primary interface between customers and companies, agents are already too busy, and green signaling big data use without proper planning may make them reach the end of their tether. The next concern is more psychological in nature than having any real sense. Sometimes, businesses turn away from big data due to the over-hyped technological intricacies associated with it. But in fact, by this time, they have probably sunk their teeth into it, and that is manifested in initiatives like knowledge or workforce management.

What they now require is consolidation and refinement of these activities to extract maximum gains. Implementation of big data technology will cost companies a pretty penny—that’s one more obstacle stalling big data wheels from spinning in full motion. When the truth is that it can work fine over and above the existing infrastructure.

Getting rid of the above hitches is surprisingly easy with advanced analytics platforms, which iOPEX has expertise in. This will simplify the whole process of gathering insights and converting them into excellent return-yielding corporate assets. Let’s take a look at how big data can be milked for contact center purposes.

Keeping tabs on agent performance to boost their efficiency

How proactively a contact center is resolving customer problems can be determined by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of agents working there. For this, it is important to minutely analyze the data related to agent-customer interactions. Then, the management can easily develop a performance-based ranking mechanism for agents. As an outcome, it will be helpful in forwarding aggrieved calls to high-performing agents for early issue resolution. Even during exigencies like a product recall, these people can come as the strongest trump card for contact centers.

Ability to dive deep into customer data across multiple engagement channels

The sphere of options available to customers to engage with businesses has become veritably wide. As such, the deployment of big data analytics tools is of utmost necessity to net customer inputs originating at every channel. This will give agents real-time access to all relevant information at one go, and the generation of delightful customer experiences with zero aberration will eventually be the new normal.

Results not restricted to contact centers

The benefits of a scalable big data program have enterprise-wide implications. If the benefits talked about previously are extrapolated to a bigger corporate canvas, then those will translate into increased revenue, low customer churn, a healthy bottom line, and decisively reaching the ultimate summit— a tribe of happy and satisfied customers.

Opt for a support provider that utilizes big data

There is no doubt about the fact that big data is impacting the way businesses operate. If tackled effectively to drive relevant insights, big data can prove to be a game-changing factor in growth. Implementing big data analytics might prove resource-intensive and time-consuming for businesses, but hiring a support provider that already has big data analytics systems in place will save a lot of effort and cost. New-age customer service providers rely on big data analytics tools to get customer information, behavior patterns, customer history, customer segments, agent performance, agent records, troubleshooting records, and a lot more to tackle each call/issue in the best way possible. This not only reduces the average handling time but also increases customer satisfaction with the company.

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