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iOPEX + ServiceNow

Experience Simplified:

Transformation with ServiceNow

Enhance Productivity, Foster Cohesion

Business Workflow Orchestration that integrates people, processes and data, accelerating innovation, streamlining operations, and delivering exceptional experience.

Break the Silos & Simplify your complex business needs

Achieve increased Profitability & Growth in Byte-Sizes

Elevating Enterprise Efficiency

Enhanced Agility and Optimal Value Delivery

iOPEX is a pioneer in providing experience engineering solutions. Our innovative GenAI platform, elevAIte, is intricately engineered to enhance IT Operations, Customer Operations, Revenue Operations, and Finance Operations, setting a new standard for how businesses engage with ServiceNow. With a focus on byte sized agile transformation, our approach is tailored to address complex needs of modern enterprises and provide a flexible foundation for future growth and adaptation.

Reimagine Workflows & Achieve Operational Excellence
with elevAIte

True Business Transformation for Harmonized Enterprise Operations

As a trusted ServiceNow Implementation Partner, we bring deep expertise in extending capabilities of the ServiceNow platform leveraging elevAIte for complete business orchestration. Whether it's streamlining IT service management, automating workflows, or enhancing customer service delivery, elevAIte integrates GenAI capabilities seamlessly into busing processes, enabling our clients to achieve their strategic business objectives and maximize the value of their investment.

Idea-to-Market | Design-to-Build | Lead-to-Cash | Procure-to-Pay | Trouble-to-Resolve

AI-Powered Chatbot: elevAIte redefines query resolution through an innovative chatbot solution. Seamlessly integrated with ITSM and CSM data sets, this chatbot delivers intelligent, automated responses, showcasing the platform's adaptability and robustness.

NowAssist Integration: The strategic integration of elevAIte and NowAssist within the ServiceNow ecosystem accelerates operational excellence, enabling a seamless and efficient delivery mechanism, revolutionizing user experience.

Build business solutions with speed, scale & agility


Our ServiceNow Solutions

Revolutionizing Experiences through Tailored Solutions

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    Product Experiences

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    Customer Experiences

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    Employee Experiences

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    Smarter Platforms


Customer Proof Points

Case Studies

Gtm Release Management

GTM Release Management | Innovative SaaS Company

RevenueOps: Major SaaS company trusts iOPEX to build Go-to-Market Release Management Application for automating, integrating and managing New Product Introduction.

Agent Workflow Digitization

Agent Workflow Digitization | Global Software Giant

CustomerOps: iOPEX helps a top brand in Enhancing customer support experience and improving Customer Satisfaction by over 15%.

Revenue Allocation Engine

Revenue Allocation Engine | Leading SaaS Company

FinanceOps: Simplified Revenue Allocation & Attribution Experience, through intuitive self-serve experiences and intelligent allocation engines for a large enterprise.

Business Outcomes

Orchestrating Business Success

Integrated Work Groups
Integrated Workgroups

ServiceNow platform facilitates seamless collaboration through shared workspaces, messaging, and task assignment features. Real-time communication and coordination enhance efficiency and synergy across teams.

Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity

Workflow automation eliminates manual efforts, reduces errors, and accelerates task completion. Enabling standardized processes, self-service options, quick information access, further enhancing productivity & cohesivity.

Swift Turnarounds
Swift Turnaround

Optimized workflows, clear process flows, efficient task prioritization and assignment. Automation streamlines approvals and escalations, while real-time monitoring enables proactive issue resolution and timely service delivery.

Unified Experience
Unified Experience

Single platform for accessing services, submitting requests, and collaborating on projects. User-friendly interface and personalized dashboards enhance satisfaction and engagement, delivering a cohesive experience across all touchpoints.

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A single platform to bring together software, SaaS, and cloud management - empowering IT & business leaders to enable technology optimization.

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