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Organizational Culture for Digital Transformation | iOPEX - Webinars


Organizational Culture for Digital Transformation | iOPEX

Jan 05 2024 ,

Randal Wark moderated the session where Paul Rosenbaum, Executive VP of AT&T, Martin Ingram, CIO of Avaya, Daniel Herscovici, Partner at Edison Ventures, and Henri Richard, executive partner at Gartner discussed how organizations should be future-ready to drive digital transformation without affecting the present workflow and customer experience. They also conversed about the key decisions that they made in their past years which paid rich dividends to the stakeholders.

  • Paul addressed the audience by mentioning how cultural changes should be infused not just to the leadership teams but to the entire workforce of the organization.
  • Daniel spoke about how he approaches investments by choosing the right set of teams and the right set of problems that the team is trying to solve for a larger vision.
  • Henri explained the importance of digital interaction that is evolving as a part of the organizational culture which every company should lookout to adapt to these changes.
  • Martin spoke about the idea of the hybrid model where digital interaction should be well balanced with face-to-face interaction to build better relationships with vendors, partners, and customers.

Many such interesting interactions occurred during that 45 mins discussion which would throw light on various topics from the different industry leaders’ points of view. Watch the video to know more. 

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