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Transformation At Scale – Engineering Point of View | Webinar - Webinars


Transformation At Scale – Engineering Point of View | Webinar

Jan 09 2024 ,

The session demonstrates how technology and engineering have enabled organizations like T-Mobile, Workato, and Google to stand apart from their competitors and gain a competitive advantage in winning new customers and retaining the existing customers with superior customer experiences.

Shyam Prakash, VP Engineering at T-Mobile, Vijay Tella, Founder and CEO at Workato, and Sam Schillace, VP of Engineering – Google Docs Creator, Google provided their thought leadership messaging and experience towards their engineering capabilities and how organizations can benefit when technology is infused into the systems and process promptly.

  • Shyam provided his viewpoint on how technology has played a vital role over the past 5 years in gaining momentum and customers across the various spectrum and how the measures taken by T-Mobile in bringing new technologies changes have improved their businesses across the different regions.
  • Vijay recollects his first day of business when he launched Workato and how they have grown rapidly in the past just by trusting engineering and their employee's capabilities in delivering what their customers required.
  • Sam shares his valuable experience of how he sees engineering from his point of view and Google’s PoV. He also affirms that it is vital for leaders to mentor their engineers who are working alongside them to achieve bigger goals.

Henri Richard, Executive partner from Gartner was also part of the panel who asked a few interesting questions to the panel members, watch the video to know more about the discussions. 

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