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Practical Gen AI Use Cases for Customer Experience Leaders Attaining Desired Outcomes in 120 Days - Webinars


Practical Gen AI Use Cases for Customer Experience Leaders Attaining Desired Outcomes in 120 Days

Jun 21 2024 ,

Customer experience (CX) is a battlefield. While artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative technology, many organizations still struggle to translate its potential into tangible CX improvements. This challenge begs the question: how can CX leaders leverage AI to achieve demonstrably positive business outcomes, fast? Where do they begin? How do they tackle infrastructure limitations and dependency on manual processes and resolve complex enterprise challenges using this powerful technology?

Understanding the urgency, iOPEX Technologies recently hosted a webinar in collaboration with TSIA titled "Practical Generative AI Use Cases for Customer Experience Leaders: Attaining Desired Outcomes in 120 Days." 

This session wasn't about pie-in-the-sky future promises; in other words, it was beyond theoretical discussions. Featuring John Ragsdale, Vice President and Distinguished Researcher, Technology Ecosystems at TSIA, and Shiva Ramani, Founder and CEO of IOPEX Technologies, the webinar is a practical roadmap, with real-world examples, designed to help CX leaders unlock the transformative potential of Generative AI (Gen-AI) within a focused 120-day timeframe. 

Insights from the Webinar:

Here's a comprehensive overview of the transformative insights: 

  • Introduction to Gen AI, AI’s significant impact on service delivery, enabling faster issue resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction. 
  • Demonstrating how departments such as revenue optimization and marketing can leverage Gen-AI to unlock new avenues for business growth. 
  • How Gen AI has revolutionized knowledge management, automating content creation, and dynamically personalizing customer interactions. Disruptive influence of Generative AI beyond Knowledge Management. 
  • The power of analytics and AI in identifying hidden pain points in the customer journey. How to analyze customer interactions to pinpoint moments of frustration and eliminate friction. Harnessing Generative AI to make intelligent choices about processes to optimize, processes to change to better meet customers' needs, finding potential to expand selling opportunities and ultimately influencing annual recurring revenue.
  • Practical AI use cases executed by iOPEX across various industries and business functions, including the tools used, stages of implementation, and ROI outcomes. 
  • Discussing the evolution of CX strategies from culture-based to persona-based and ultimately person-based approaches. 
  • IOPEX's industry-leading AI solutions as the key to achieving personalized CX vision. Discussions covered the company's expertise in AI Enterprise infrastructure, Ai development, and Solution Deployment.
  • From generating customer-centric content and predictive churn analysis to conducting sentiment analysis, AI-powered solutions offer unprecedented opportunities for organizations to elevate their CX strategies and cater to individual customer needs with personalized experiences.
  • Gain practical knowledge on iOPEX’s Customer Experience & Revenue Experience transformation approach- prioritizing use cases, identifying critical data sets, and crafting winning execution strategies to optimize processes and drive better business outcomes.
  • Agent-facing AI use cases are designed to accelerate agent productivity and maximize revenue per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE). AI automates repetitive tasks for agents, allowing them to focus on higher-value interactions and close more deals.

Watch the recorded webinar and take the first step towards achieving breakthrough CX outcomes with the power of Gen-AI.

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