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Application Support & Maintenance – Beyond Break Fixes | iOPEX - Blogs


Application Support & Maintenance – Beyond Break Fixes | iOPEX

Digital transformation has become an essential business driver. However, embarking on the journey of digital transformation while continuing to run day-to-day enterprise operations is not an easy task. It is hence understood that while all businesses vying for growth integrate software solutions with their business processes, they also encounter varied IT-related problems during the transition. How quickly these problems are resolved determines the success or failure of an IT transition.

Some of the results for an application that does not deliver the results it is designed for include:

  • A slowed down business process instead of an expedited one
  • Not being able to deliver promised product/service on time leading to loss of business and revenues
  • Increase in decision-making time due to inaccurate data processing by the application
  • Bugs in the application resulting in slowed down business processes
  • Complicated application design leading to lower employee adaptability

How support and maintenance expertise help

It is therefore critical to choose a technology partner which also provides a support and maintenance service besides software/application upgrades. This will ensure you get solid best practices advice and mapping out the future goals for your organisation’s IT needs while fixing day-to-day IT issues in-between.

A professional support and maintenance service will help you with:

  • Product enhancement – to add functionalities, core data, new reports, and modules and support the process so that your software easily adapts to your dynamic needs.
  • Application maintenance – regularly tweak and adjust the application once it is put to use and exposed to live data.
  • Upgradations – adding new features and functionalities through developed algorithms and modules resulting in reduced IT overheads and expenses, greater uniformity and utility of tools, and enhanced user experience.
  • Quality control - fixing bugs and correcting errors that might have been made in the code during the development phase for continuous and smooth flow of output.


Adopting a unified solution through an IT partner who understands your business processes is key to success in your digital transformation process. iOPEX will be your trusted guide on the digital journey and provide business-tailored solutions that go much beyond simple break-fixing. 

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