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Enterprise Generative AI: The Growing Adoption of LLMs in Production
Mar 25 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Uncover how leading companies globally are leveraging LLM Adoption in their Enterprise production processes and staying ahead of the curve.

The Modern Tech Stack and harnessing the potential of LLM
Apr 23 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Explore the importance of modern tech stack, large language models, and emerging trends of generative AI and know how it can drive agility at work.

ServiceNow's AI Solutions | Exponential Enterprise Growth | iOPEX
Mar 04 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

With AI-powered solutions in place, ServiceNow is enhancing the future of automation! Embrace AI solutions to unleash exponential enterprise growth.

Microsoft Power Platform for Digital Transformation | iOPEX
Apr 23 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Microsoft Power Platform, delivers simple solution for complex business problems by creating custom applications, streamlining processes, uncovering insights, and building intelligent bots.

Transform Workflows & Boost Digital Experience with ServiceNow
Feb 12 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Firms use workflow orchestration platform ServiceNow to simplify their digital workflow processes. iOPEX can give you the right approach to optimize workflows.

Optimizing Business Processes with Digital Workflow & Automation
Mar 01 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Optimizing business processes is necessity today to stay competitive. Learn ways to optimize business operations with digital wrokflow and automation.

Experience Engineering (II): What Is It & How to Embrace It?
Feb 26 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Communicate the goals to the teams involved so that there is clarity on expectations while we stay committed to continuous improvement.

Experience Engineering (I): What Is It & How to Embrace It? | iOPEX
Feb 26 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

The solution to this challenge is Experience Engineering: the action of driving toward the goal of a holistic, integrated digital user experience.

Creating an impactful enterprise-wide digital experience (DX) – Part 2
Feb 15 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement through Experience Engineering

Creating an impactful enterprise-wide digital experience (DX) – Part 1
Feb 27 2024 , Nagarajan Chakravarthy

Transforming digital customer experience to total digital experience Achieving seamless CX across multiple touch points is not possible without providing your employees and partners a unified DX across platforms and products they use to serve your customers.