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Future ready enterprises are promoting and sustaining market advantage by investing in Cloud strategies to shape, move, build, operate and manage their IT infrastructure and applications

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Avoid environment drifts and snowflakes in your digital transformation process by scaling your infrastructure via Cloud adoption and optimization, and leveraging infrastructure and security as code


Highly efficient infrastructure operations support to improve engineering productivity and reduce..

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Advisory Outcomes

Future Ready Business Focus

Map IT landscape to core business objectives and scale to a high-performance environment by incorporating future-ready, cost effective, scalable, and repeatable Cloud strategies

Simplified Deployment

Use a rationalization framework to minimize IT landscape complexity and reduce iterative communication to remove redundant tools and platforms. Also enable fast business applications development and deployment for faster time to market on reduced investments

Improved Infrastructure & Scale Interoperability

Create a self-reliant IT infrastructure and consolidate and standardize service-based platforms by implementing and modernized Cloud native applications using APIs and de-coupled micro services-based architecture and DevOps best practices

Fast & Seamless Operations

Enhance end-user experience and satisfaction by using streamlined (or simplified) platforms for quick issue identification and faster resolution enabled by swift and secure data and applications movement between private and public Clouds through automation and using container orchestration platforms

Enhanced Service

Serve customers better by implementing enhanced strategic and tactical operating models and partnering with unified monitoring and management capability best practices by employing essential controls and risk mitigation strategies

Optimized Management & Reduced Costs

Lower total cost of ownership through platform, tool & process amalgamation and improve productivity of global workforce through by securing access to key business applications and tools at reduced latency from multiple devices

Our Expertise

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Our experts will design, consolidate and transform infrastructure, applications and data centre using industry renowned best practices via:

  • Cloud Adoption Models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and FaaS
  • Cloud Deployment Models: Public, Private, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud
  • Transformation Models: Lift & Shift, Lift, Modify, and Shift, Reengineer, Upgrade and Eliminate
  • Exclusive Cloud: Establish a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter via managed service or DIY model

Our expertise also extends to remote Cloud infrastructure operations and management by enable smart monitoring and AIOps methodologies

Our Approach

Cloud 1
Cloud-Wise Strategy Development

We design cloud-wise services based on your business transformation and change management needs for ROI acceleration and performance and taking into consideration industry insights and competition analysis

Cloud Migration
We enable end to end seamless migration and modernization to Cloud using proprietary tools that speed migration, support a smooth transition, and mitigate risks
Automation & Engineering
We use cloud native development and application modernization tools to develop bespoke systems and experiences and apply automation to manage systems and functions, and achieve compliance
Infrastructure Management
Develop, implement, and manage cloud-ready IT infrastructure by increasing network capacity, creating digital workplace and collaborations, and incorporating automation and software-defined deployments
Data Management
We help you harness the real value of data by accelerating comprehension and enabling data-driven smarter and quicker decisions based on augmented insights

DevOps led Transformation

Today, businesses are forced to adapt to high-speed and continuous delivery to stay on top of the game. Organizations will need to accelerate the pace of software development, improve software quality and make more releases quickly and efficiently. DevOps brings together the business, development, testing and operations teams together to enable agility and continuous delivery in software.

iOPEX has extensive experience in DevOps and leverages this expertise to provide customers with comprehensive DevOps services spanning consulting, implementation and managed services. Leveraging our DevOps Assessment Framework, iOPEX delivers strategies and solutions that help clients maximize the benefits of their DevOps investment.



We bring together the teams - development, operations, and businesses to deliver applications faster and better...


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