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A one-stop solution for all your integration and automation needs - A platform that allows you to build complex workflows simpler & easier across different functions of your organization

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Simplicity should be an important catalyst for companies to adopt newer technologies, Workato enables true simplicity with great power and resilience across your enterprise functional processes

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Simple to Integrate and Automate


HR - Hire to Retire


  • Recruit - Manage your Job descriptions, resume scoring, candidates data mapping, and integration with your HRM
  • Select - Sending documents for signature, integration with IT teams for apps & systems, payroll update, and database update
  • Evaluate - Performance & appraisal evaluations, employee feedback, and schedule training
  • Change and Health Mgmt. - Role, process, and policy changes - Fitness reminders, mindfulness techniques, and health challenges
  • Offboard - System and Access deprovision, Payroll & finance updates, and Alerts Mgmt.



  • Incident Mgmt. - Automate issue detection, triage, and resolution. Integrate data across multiple systems for better collaboration
  • Helpdesk - Workerbots and AI can fetch data to provide the most appropriate responses on a real-time basis
  • Escalation - Tickets from all systems to different functions can be routed within applications to resolve issues quickly
  • Access - Automate provisioning & deprovisioning of account, applications, and equipment, integrate with HR, payroll, and finance
  • Approvals - Purchasing of new software and hardware, account approvals automated.



  • Quote to Cash - Automate pricing, quoting, contracts, invoicing, billing, orders, ROI recognition, and renewals.
  • AP and Procurement - Automate payments, expenses, payroll, and return merchandising (RMA)
  • Purchase - Submit requests, create & submit purchase orders, and process receipts
  • Compliance - Regulatory filing and audit checkpoints can be automated seamlessly with better document management
  • Reporting - Gather spend and revenue data at one point for better analysis and interpretation



  • Budget Planning - Integrate ERP systems to marketing to plan, invest and measure the impact
  • Campaign Creation - Tie keywords and metadata on specific assets to the campaign, CRM, sales enablement tools
  • Lead Management - Enrich lead data and integrate with your marketing automation & CRM platforms
  • Retain & Expand - Automate up-selling and cross-selling based on products and service to device the right marketing plans
  • Analytics - Measure the metrics of every touchpoint and ads signup, end-to-end automation of campaign revenues

Customer Support


  • Customer Intelligence - Collect customer data in one place and map it with different products and services to predict churn rate and serve better
  • Smart Support - Real-time notifications for ticket creation and escalation to resolve them directly using bots and relevant applications
  • Data-driven support - Customer reviews and feedback is integrated to provide support and build better products & offer services
  • Churn reduction - Bots and AI to predict reasons for churn and potential churn to provide focused customer engagement
  • CRM - Integrate customer data with CRM applications to automate and send notifications for purchase, renewals, and offers

Integrated Approach

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About Workato:

Workato works on the concept called workato recipes - Sets of instructions that automate complex workflows. Every recipe can be a REST endpoint that can be called from other recipes or apps.

Triggers and Actions:

  • Triggers are conditions that prompt an action to happen automatically.
  • They can be scheduled, move records in batches, and read from on-prem files.
  • There’s a set of available actions for every connector.
  • Actions can have multiple steps and multiple conditions.

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