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digital experience

Digital Experience

Stay ahead of the competition by creating a unique human and digital experience powered by connected platforms, intelligent digital assistants, and ML-driven apps to achieve higher levels of personalization. Our digital experience solutions cater to both the digital employee experience and digital customer experience, providing seamless experiences across touchpoints.

Deep thought

Empower employees, delight customers, transform products, and optimize operations through experience engineering and redefine digital experience to deliver deeply personalized & connected experience transformation

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Customer Experience

Two meticulous use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance your customer experience


Digital Outcomes

Proactive Customer Engagement

As part of our customer experience solutions, we help you resolve volume-based data-intensive queries using intelligent phone systems and chatbots, freeing servicing agents to attend to escalations and resulting in more productive and satisfactory issue resolutions.

People Centred Experiences

Our digital experience management services allow natural language processing and deep learning tools to interpret and classify customer inquiries and behaviors to deliver digital experiences that are identifiably human.


Expand the capabilities of your workforce by automating repetitive tasks and eliminating manual effort using RPA and apply intelligent automation to recognize past patterns for making the best recommendations. Our digital experience services leverage automation to provide a seamless experience for both employees and customers.

Mapping Customer Journey

Influence customers through accessing real-time insights by mapping customer data across touchpoints and pivoting them into actionable plans orchestrating better conversation flows, decision trees, and journey maps. Our customer experience services include mapping customer journeys to provide a personalized and seamless experience across touchpoints.


Our customer experience solutions create a unique brand identity and deliver unified cross-channel brand engagement across social, mobile, and web platforms. Our digital experience management services help you personalize experiences for both employees and customers, leading to better engagement and loyalty.

Mobile Enabled

Offer unmatched customer experience and greater customer insight from smart data collected across multiple channels of engagement powered by mobile and chat-enabled machine learning applications. Our digital experience services are mobile-enabled, providing a seamless experience for customers on the go.

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Our Approach

Modernize Experiences Augmented Assisted Decisions Iconn
Augmented / Assisted Decisions

Deploying or customizing systems to provide discretion to the users to reach out for assistance to facilitate faster and accurate decision-making. Our digital experience solutions provide augmented and assisted decision-making for both employees and customers, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Modernize support
Automated decision support

Develop systems that proactively provide intelligent decision assistance based on data and facts and ease the need for users to dive deeper for decisions. Our digital experience services provide automated decision support to enhance the employee experience and improve customer satisfaction.

Modernize experiences autonomous decisioning
Autonomous decisioning

Build systems that auto-learn to make decisions on behalf of users using machine learning models and AI. Our digital experience solutions leverage AI and machine learning to provide autonomous decisions, leading to faster and more accurate decision-making.

Our Expertise

Modernize Experiences Services

Digital Experience Solutions: iOPEX's solutions on experience engineering cut across various business problems in assisting front and back office teams through assisted and autonomous decision-making spanning different LOBs. Our customer experience services and digital employee experience solutions cater to other LOBs, providing a seamless experience across the organization.

Digital Enablers: UiPath, ServiceNow, OutSystems, and other technology partners have played a key role in implementing business-specific digital experience solutions by automating processes and optimizing digital workflows for back-office, front-office, and technology services. Our digital experience solutions leverage these digital enablers to provide a customized and seamless experience for customers and employees.

Key Metrics

Modernize experiences decrease in customer wait time key metrics

Decrease In Customer Wait Time For Resolution

Modernize experiences improvement on turn around via bot assisted response key metrics

Improvement On Turn-around Time Via Bot Assisted Response And Faster Toolsets For Front-end Associates

Modernize metrics

Case Resolved By Self Service Portal And BOTs, Allowing Associates To Focus On Core Customer Issues

Modernize experiences uplift in customer satisfaction key metrics

Uplift In Customer Satisfaction And NPS Scores

Modernize experiences service uptime enabled via assisted and autonomous automation key metrics

Service Uptime Enabled Via Assisted and Autonomous Automation In Assisting Customers

Digital Enablers

Digital-first Business Operations Automation


Create an agile digital-first environment to make your processes and technology landscape more effective and also create or unlock new value for all the stakeholders including customers, partners, employees with a native digital experience approach

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OpexWise combines three vital drivers, automation, operational platforms and cloud adoption for the enterprises to propel the digital transformation connecting front office, back office and IT operations

Cloud Service Providers


Future ready enterprises are promoting and sustaining market advantage by investing in Cloud strategies to shape, move, build, operate and manage their IT infrastructure and applications

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