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Digital Engineering
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Create an agile digital-first environment to make your processes and technology landscape more effective and also create or unlock new value for all the stake holders including customers, partners, employees.

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Deep thought


Treating digital-first as a strategy is a critical mindset change incorporated by modern business leaders resulting in efficient service delivery, better customer experience and improved operations

Rpa Center

What next for your RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)?

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3 ideas for effective intelligent automation adoption


Advisory Outcomes


Performance Gaps Identification & Benchmarking
Identify performance gaps in strategies across verticals and incorporate digital incremental capabilities metrics to gain an independent perspective of your performance with respect to industry, competitors and customer needs and optimize operations using right technology
Build Core Competencies & New Opportunities
Develop new core competencies and establish future-readiness through center of excellence that binds the departments for digital adoption. Create scalable steps to identify potential transformation opportunities to eliminate redundancy and modernize experiences
Digital-Ready Technology Landscape

Transform legacy, monolithic and on-premises applications into flexible, Cloud-based solutions (SaaS, iPaas & Low Code/ No Code) to make your technology landscape digital-first ready and move towards integrated operational transformation programs using iPaas, APIs and microservices

Process Re-engineering & Automation
Access process level efficiency for business importance and change process design to modernize your workplace and workforce by embracing digital workers and enabling touchless or less touch transactions for speed, scale, streamlining business outcomes and rejuvenating service offerings and experiences
Modernize Experiences
Empower yourself with mobile, chat, self-service, and machine learning toolsets to deliver deeply personalized, digital-first engagements and redefine the servicing experience by promoting business users to power users via a unified self-service data analytics platform that seamlessly co-exists with digital workers to make data easily accessible and facilitate faster decisions
Increased ROI
Measure effectiveness and set performance precedent of products, facilities, and people for success transformation and device ROI measurement method to constantly monitor investment vs transformational benefits (tangible and in-tangible) to stop losses and increase gains
Digital Workers

Digital Operations Strategy:

A How-To Guide for Digital Transformation


Our Approach

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Objective Identification
We create differentiated digital experiences with focus on brand, customer needs, financial objectives and by assessing the scope of digital transformation required across product portfolios and functions
Digital First Capability Analysis Icon
Capability Analysis
We identify and asses existing platforms and determine its strength and relative positioning for capability improvement with respect to business objective, competition and industry
Digital First Impact Evaluation Icon
Impact Evaluation
We evaluate and reframe business transformation strategy with respect to customers engagement and external ecosystem, increased organizational collaboration, culture shift and new KPI performance
Digital First Roadmap Development Icon
Roadmap Development
We build a clear fully integrated road map that includes key activities, associated timelines, and important transformation milestones with consideration to technology investments and future objectives
Digital First Strategy Playbook Application Icon
Strategy Playbook Application
We integrate, replace, and enhance new tools, systems and channels aligned with the road map based on deliverables, optimal sequencing, and estimated value generated

Our Expertise


Our digital-first experts will benchmark your existing processes, create a blueprint for transformation and optimize your business operations through a combination of RPA, SaaS, iPaas & Low Code/ No Code platforms and technologies. Our key value proposition includes:

  • Lower costs
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Better scalability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced customer experience

User Xp User Expertise


The future of work in organizations requires redefining workforce and workplace to build scale and growth through digital arbitrage...

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With a huge increase in customer’s digital presence, achieve business velocity by modernizing the core system applications...

Modernise Experiences


Stay ahead of the competition by creating an unique service experience powered by connected platforms, digital assistants and ML..


DevOps led Transformation


Today, businesses are forced to adapt to high-speed and continuous delivery to stay on top of the game. Organizations will need to accelerate the pace of software development, improve software quality and make more releases quickly and efficiently. DevOps brings together the business, development, testing and operations teams together to enable agility and continuous delivery in software.

iOPEX has extensive experience in DevOps and leverages this expertise to provide customers with comprehensive DevOps services spanning consulting, implementation and managed services. Leveraging our DevOps Assessment Framework, iOPEX delivers strategies and solutions that help clients maximize the benefits of their DevOps investment.

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We bring together the teams - development, operations, and businesses to deliver applications faster and better...

Learn how to make your organization future proof by becoming digital first