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AI for CPG and Retail: How IOPEX Transforms Your Business

Feb 01 2024 ,

In this podcast, The CPG Guys' Sri Rajagopalan and Peter V.S. Bond, speaks to Shiva Ramani, the CEO of iOPEX Technologies, a leading AI partner for the CPG and retail industry, to uncover how IOPEX uses the latest technologies and trends to create personalized and effective ads, launch products faster and cheaper, generate IP and monetize data, and overcome the challenges of the war garden, the operational complexity, and the outcome-based contracts.

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You will also discover how iOPEX can help you leverage AI to streamline your operations and enhance your customer experience. You will see how iOPEX can empower you to implement a 360-degree approach to retail media networks, which are a powerful tool for monetizing customer data and creating a personalized shopping experience across digital and physical channels.

Find out how to create retail media networks that can generate revenue from your owned and paid media channels, and offer advertisers a way to measure the link between media campaigns and sales outcomes. Learn how to enhance the customer experience by delivering personalized and relevant offers and recommendations across the buyer journey.

Understand the challenges and solutions of in-store retail media, which still drives most of the retail revenue and customer loyalty. Get to know how iOPEX can help you overcome the hurdles of technology, privacy, and integration, and how to use advanced analytics and experimentation methods to measure and attribute the impact and value of in-store retail media.

Be amazed by the opportunities and benefits of in-store retail media for you and your advertisers. See how to reach and influence customers at the point of purchase, and how to create a unique and memorable customer journey. Learn how to create new and incremental revenue streams, from both advertising and product sales, and how to gain deeper and richer customer insights.

Learn how to succeed in retail media by adopting a 360-degree approach that covers both onsite and offsite channels, and delivers a seamless and consistent customer journey. See how a 360-degree approach can enhance customer lifetime value, improve customer acquisition and retention, optimize media spend and performance, and create a competitive edge and a loyal customer base. Hear how to closely work with retail media technology companies, such as iOPEX , who can offer the technical capabilities, expertise, and scale to manage retail media . Realize that retail media is reshaping the retail landscape, and you need to act fast to capture this opportunity or risk losing out to the early adopters.

Also hear some success stories from clients, including 20 Fortune 100 companies, who have saved over a million man hours, embraced retail media, and connected with their customers like never before. Tune in to discover how IOPEX is not just a platform, but a partner that helps you grow your business and achieve your goals with AI.

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning how AI and retail media networks can transform the CPG and retail industry. You can listen to the podcast with Shiva Ramani here!

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