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iOPEX, an agile strategic partner of ServiceNow has been instrumental in Elevating Enterprise Collaboration with ServiceNow across different areas, such as Idea-to-Market, Design-to-Build, Lead-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Trouble-to-Resolve, and more.

We have helped in $1.5 billion cost transformation with continuous innovation and tailor-made solutions for our fortune 500 referenceable clients.


Our Expertise


With the Now Platform®, iOPEX empowers clients to re-architect work at scale and effectively absorb change. Visit us to experience our solutioning expertise that delivers unparalleled value and exceptional service through

  • Automation and streamlining Telecom Service Management for faster resolution
  • Go-to-Market Release Management Application for automating, integrating and managing New Product Introduction
  • Revenue Allocation Engine to streamline complex Revenue Operations and Attributions
  • Pricing and Packaging Digitization for Centralized Management of Pricing and Proposals
  • Pricing Ticket Management Automation for assisting the agents to respond in real-time

IT Service Management

Agent Workflow Digitization

GTM Release Management

Revenue Allocation Engine

Pricing and packaging workflow Digitization


Deliver resilient services that supercharge productivity for telecom service management. Create amazing experiences wherever your employees work. Future-proof your technology across the enterprise on a single cloud platform for,

  • 75% reduction in the manual turnaround time
  • 90% reduction in the manual errors
  • Improved productivity

Complete overhaul of an entirely manual process of ticket Management (create-assess-resolve) by digitizing it into streamlined automated workflows with well defined SLAs for resolution. The new system provided significant gains to the client in terms of reduced manual efforts and costs involved

  • Automated ticket lifecycle management resulting in 25% faster ticket closures
  • Data from NOW instance integrated, and data visualization enabled with the help of PowerBI, giving better progress insights
  • Implementing SLAs and guided process navigation with quick view of information using Agent Assist reduced the closure delays

An integrated platform designed for GTM teams to streamline and automate their entire workflow. Built on the NOW platform, it offers real-time insights into release readiness and features a dashboard that displays scorecards, milestones, and workstream plans.

  • 35-40% faster Product Launch, with higher operational efficiency and rigor through E2E digitization of GTM Lifecycle
  • Single source to review scope, workstream plans and progress status across the release of all order line items
  • Used across 25+ products, by 20 GTM leads and 140+ Workstream owners, managing 4500+ order line items

Tool designed to automate and fairly allocate Revenue from Annual Contract Value (ACV) among different BUs when selling multi-BU bundles or custom offerings. Also supports forecasting quarterly goals & quotas, allocating revenue for service carve-outs, calculating solution sales commissions and managing BU P&L statements

  • Streamlined workflow implementation reduced the turnaround time by 40%
  • Rule-based real time calculation and quick decision making with summarized view of data in the form of dashboards
  • Allocation engine has improved accuracy, efficiency, and visibility into revenue allocation while also evading any disputes that may arise

Digital Transformation of customer's manual and error-prone process of converting pricing proposals into ready-to-order products. It involves creation, validation, compliance check, and approval of organization and store releases

  • Reduced the manual turnaround time by 75%, and SKU creation time from 5 days to 1 day bringing in significant cost savings
  • Improved productivity by Centralizing the management of pricing and proposals from concept to launch
  • Automated process created using Intellibot to expedite the SKU time-to-market with end-to-end visibility at the release level
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