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Microsoft Power Platform

Automation Digital Engineering

Enabling total digital experience

Accelerate your digital transformation journey through our experience engineering approach and leveraging Microsoft Power platform to achieve the total digital experience and to be a future ready enterprise.


Empower employees, delight customers, transform products, and optimize operations through experience engineering and redefine digital experience to deliver deeply personalized & connected experience transformation

Digital Experience Engineering

Creating enterprise-wide digital experience - Part 1

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Creating enterprise-wide digital experience - Part 2


Digital Outcomes

Empower Employees

  • Institutionalize data-driven decisions
  • Democratize app development using Low Code Platform
  • Reengineer and automate processes for improved productivity
  • Engage and resolve queries through conversational AI chatbots

Enlighten Customers

  • Build omnichannel capabilities
  • Boost sales and revenue through personalized experiences
  • Improve conversion rate with better UI, customized web pages, and apps
  • Accelerate time-to-market and time-to-value

Optimize Operations

  • Streamline operations with a common data model and Microsoft Dataverse
  • Accelerate deployments through Microsoft Power Platform
  • Optimize business processes using AI Builder to automate processes intelligently
  • Enable self-service capabilities

Transform Product

  • Better UI/UX with personalized solutions
  • Advanced integrations with API and iPaaS
  • Custom and prebuilt AI/ML models for an innovative solution
  • Building low-code products to suit business challenges/needs
Guardrails For Accelerating Power Platform Mobile
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Experience Engineering Blueprint for a Total Digital Experience

Embracing Power Platform @ Scale

Our Center of Excellence led approach is a proven way to enable experience engineering at scale and to drive adoption while maintaining security, quality, and governance. We help you mature from the "Initial" to "Leading" through our CoE approach for better Collaboration, Automation and Productivity


Organize and conduct multiple training and awareness sessions

Identify and execute Proof of Concept (PoC) opportunities

Conduct hackathons to identify and prove new use cases


Demonstrate and install the Center of Excellence (CoE) starter kit

Build awareness of governance capabilities

Establish initial environment and policies and set up user support services


Consult on organizational changes to manage Power Platform

Advise on processes to support more diverse use of the platform

Establish KPIs and success metrics for the use and expansion of the platform


Aid in automating governance processes and ALM

Help build a champion network and create scaled communication

Establish standard branding and app templates


Integrate pro dev capabilities into organization's approach

Evolve more ALM automation and practices

Help create Fusion teams to enable legacy capabilities and modern cloud architecture

Guardrails For Accelerating Power Platform Mobile

Our Key Capabilities

Powerapps Scalable
Power Apps

Empower your team to start building and launching apps right away using pre-built templates and quick deployments

Powerautomate Scalable
Power Automate

A versatile automation solution that helps you to automate the manual business processes across all your on-premise and cloud apps and services

Powerbi Scalable
Power BI

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization solutions for converting data from various data sources into interactive dashboards and analysis reports

Powervirtualagents Scalable
Virtual Agents

Powerful bots using a guided, no-code graphical user interface to improve business productivity by automating workflows, complex & repetitive tasks, empowering citizen users

Powerpages Scalable
Power Pages

Create secure, low-code business websites. Rapidly build and launch customized business websites and unify your data and connect to vital information and services

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Accelerate your digital transformation journey and stay ahead of the curve

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