Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

Enterprise technical assistance center (ETAC) is a complex and challenging form of service offering when compared to the other forms of customer support activities. This typically involves profound understanding of the client’s product or platform to ensure end-to-end support in terms of implementation, monitor, support, maintenance and finally to make enhancements such as automation and process optimization to augment the end-user experience.

We provide 24/7 support covering multiple geo-locations with committed SLAs for different levels of support like welcoming center, Tier2, and Tier3. Our dedicated and skilled engineering team equipped with the latest infrastructure, tools, and technologies can provide the best in class B2B support. The professional services and knowledge engineering team are involved for creating strategic product enhancements, process optimization and automation.


iOPEX Technologies awarded “Supplier of the year for Global Technical Support” by Palo Alto Networks

iOPEX Technical Assistance Center Services:


Technical Support

Our Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels of support team comprises of technical support specialists who owns the knowledge and responsibility to assist Tier 1 personnel by validating and investigating elevated complex issues to provide the right solutions. In general, the time consumption for solving these issues are longer when compared to Tier 1 issues due to the complexity of the issues.

Dedicated Engineers

Our engineers are skilled, trained and certified to provide dedicated technical support to specific clients and enterprise products. The dedicated engineering team is involved in monitoring, incident management, proactive service management, vendor escalations, knowledge management, patch management, upgrades and provides live support with proactive communication with datacenter or on-site staffs.



Professional Services

The professional services team of iopex is involved in deep-analysis, software repair, diagnostic testing, create test case environment, design and architect solutions, implementation, process optimization, documentation, cloud adoption, cloud optimization and DevOps methodology. These professionals are involved in strategic planning routines and turnkey strategies with the clients.

Quality Assurance

A dedicated QA team to monitor processes on a 24/7 basis to address quality of service for different business priorities. The team provides analytics and reports to the client to enhance quality levels of the overall engagement. The QA team enhance the processes of in scope activities and suggest ways to augment the out of scope activities for quality and cost benefits.



Knowledge Engineering

iOPEX have used knowledge engineering process to emulate tasks and processes using automation to reduce manhours, improve efficiency and optimize cost for many of our clients. Our development and solution architect team has developed expert systems and algorithms that assist human workforce to monitor, troubleshoot and solve technical issues. Documentation and gap analysis in process, feedback mechanism to optimize solutions for process efficiency.

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