Services Offered

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Multilingual
  • Context Recognition
  • Conversational UX Modelling
  • Built-In Memory

AI Chatbot

The possibilities with a Chatbot in a business context are endless and enormous, from being your website’s first touchpoint to handling a multitude of customer calls simultaneously – they can practically perform any action. The upside is they are available round the clock, any day and can effortlessly handle Level 1 queries and route to human support only if and when required. So any organization wanting to reduce customer service costs, increase productivity and efficiency will definitely need to explore AI-powered Chatbots. Call centers world over are making this switch from outdated IVR to Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots. The Chatbots invariably reduce the number of human agents and also related resource attrition due to the routine nature of the job.

Our AI Chatbot has the ability to handle thousands of customer support interactions simultaneously. We leverage our in-house AI powered Chatbot – Interact. It has features such as NLP, Context Recognition, Multi-Lingual and seamlessly redirects to humans only when needed. Its AI engine understands and sends appropriate responses, supports multiple platforms and managed solution that requires minimal maintenance and does not require coding.

Some of the services that we provide include:

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Contextual understanding. Unlike traditional bots, natural language processing relies on identification of intents. Bot understands what the customers mean, intents allow the bot to recognize the context of the conversation, boosting its response accuracy.
  2. Multilingual: Lost in translation?. Language barriers are often a pain point for users in communications. With its memory and learning capabilities, a chatbot can become conversant very quickly, much more so than people. It picks up the language, so you can continue to converse in a language you’re comfortable with. Languages that our chatbot is fluent in
    • English
    • Spanish
  3. Context Recognition: More Natural Conversation. Similar to how humans converse with each other, they don’t mention the topic of the conversations repeatedly. They understand the topic and the context of their conversation. Our chatbot’s ability to recognize the context of conversation makes talking to the bot feel natural.
    • Determine the flow of conversation
    • Identify relevant intents
    • Add the context to the intents
  4. Conversational UX Modelling: Lead the customers towards your business goal. The role of a chatbot is not merely to answer questions, but it should be leading its conversation with the customers toward a certain goal. If the goal is to drive a product purchase, the chatbot should be able to encourage the customers to make a purchase.
    • UX Workshop
    • Conversational UX Design
    • Continuous tests and iterations
  5. Built-In Memory: Only Push Relevant Offerings. Our chatbot remembers everything your customers have told it, as well as all requests that it received from each customer. It remembers your shoe size, the food you like, your address — the next time you are enquiring about shoes, it knows what size to get you.
    • User Preference
    • Size
    • Delivery etc
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