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Analytics Process Automation

Democratizing the availability of data and its inferences by automating the data analytics building blocks empowers faster decision-making across business processes and people

Analytics Process Automation
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Promoting business users to power users through a unified self-service data analytics platform makes data easily accessible, facilitates faster decisions and seamless co-existence with digital workers

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Digital outcomes


Higher Data Accessibility
Enable enterprise-wide democratization of data and analytics and convert data into results
Actionable Insight
Leverage the power of AI/ML to unlock real-time previously unavailable insight to data for securing faster wins and increased ROIs
Increased Analysis Speed
Get faster error-free analysis using Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics tools
Visual Intelligence
Building rich, interactive experiences for easy accessibility to actionable, high-quality, up-to-date data resources
Repetitive Task Automation
Automate tedious repetitive time-consuming analytics processes and redirect enterprise resources towards more productive pursuits
Resource Enhancement
Facilitate cultural and technological change to upskill employees and redirect their time by allowing movement from descriptive to prescriptive analytics

Our Approach

Analytics Process Automation Simplify Integration Icon
Simplify Integration
We simplify the process of consumption and interpretation of data across people, process and systems using tools and technology to enable easy sharing for better insights and decisioning
Analytics Process Automation Outcome Focussed Icon
Outcome Focussed
We ensure that the data is cleaned, transformed and calibrated efficiently to achieve the needed outcomes which can be utilized by virtual worker (RPA BOTs), AI Systems (for ML Models) and human works (using visual BI tools)
Analytics Process Automation Unified Platform Icon
Unified platform
We work towards aggregating the transformation using a single platform for better control and accessibility of data and insights thus reducing the time wasted on searching the data spread across multiple platforms
Analytics Process Automation Realtime Data Analytics Icon
Realtime data analytics
The entire aggregation, transformation and availability of data to different consumers will be made real time for faster and quicker actions to help organizations to achieve better results
Analytics Process Automation Code Free Icon
Enabling people with code-free and drag-and-drop technologies and tool is one of our key objective to drive analytic process automation. Our solutions are always targeted toward simplify technologies to meet operational goals
Analytics Process Automation Core Capabilities

Our Expertise


Our technical experts are well equipped with tools covering from self-serviced one like Alteryx, KNIME, a visual programming tool automatically labels data, train and validate data to advance custom tools like tensor flow, Python’s Pandas, SciPy and NumPy modules to simply the availability of data within an enterprise.


Key Metrics

Analytics Process Automation Reduction In Total Cost Of Ownership On Systems Relating Key Metrics Icon

Reduction In Total Cost Of Ownership On Systems Relating To Processing Data For Analytics

Analytics Process Automation Improvement In Timely Information Availability And Its Relevance Accuracy Key Metrics Icon

Improvement In Timely Information Availability And Its Relevance & Accuracy

Analytics Process Automation Of Data From 100 Sources Are Synthesized For Presenting Effective Business Outcomes Key Metrics Icon
1 Petabyte / Yr

Of Data Extracted, Transformed And Analyzed For Analytics And Machine Learning

Analytics Process Automation Of Data Extracted Transformed And Analyzed For Analytics Key Metrics Icon
50+ Formats

Of Data From 100+ Sources Are Synthesized For Presenting Effective Business Outcomes

Analytics Process Automation Of Developers And Analyst Time Saved Key Metrics Icon

Of Developers And Analyst Time Saved As A Result Of Automation And Batch Scripts

Allow us to show you how you can automate and deploy advanced analytics for process automation