Contract Assurance Services

iOPEX Contract Assurance Services cover all elements of a contract such as transportation operations, revenue handling, safety and training, service quality, reporting, or staffing levels. iOPEX reviews identify compliance issues with Federal, State, and Local laws and carefully compare contractual requirements to actual service levels and performance. Key contractual areas reviewed include:

  • Compliance with the Scope of Work
  • Staffing levels and qualifications
  • Training requirements
  • Required program submittals and implementation timelines
  • Performance measures
  • Service quality
  • Operating standards
  • Timeliness and accuracy of reporting
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Change orders 
  • Billing and invoicing

Our Services:

We understand that large contract accounting can be complex at times and the success of the service industry depends on how well the risk is mitigated and understood while signing a deal. It takes a lot of time and effort involved in building a business relationship with vendors and business partners and should be a thumb rule that any company should get paid only for the work they do and leakage or overcharging doesn’t bring a win-win situation.

Our team consists of analysts & specialists who help to review the agreement in and out to understand if there is any leakage or overcharge associated to have a grip over your contractual commitments.

Key Assessment Areas:

  • Contract Risk Management

    • Integrity assessment
    • Legal Advice
    • Contract risk Evaluation
  • Contract Governance

    • Enhance the current contract governance to benchmark standards
    • Contact assessment and portfolio management
    • KPI and vendor performance assessment
  • Contract Cost management

    • Contract Cost management
    • Actual cost versus what is being charged is analyzed
    • Expected versus actual value being delivered is assessed
    • Inefficiency, leakage and errors in complex contract agreement are managed
  • Continuous Contract Assessment

    • Monitoring the KPI’s on a regular basis
    • Compliance of the contract is maintained
    • Ensure to adopt best practices across the contract

iOPEX also provides Contract assurance services for Exit and Re-Negotiation, the below case study is one of the best cases of how we managed revenue leakage for a global telecom services provider.

Case Study

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