Customer Engagement Analytics

Every interaction with the client, however small that may be, presents an enormous opportunity for organizations to understand their preferences, behaviors, switches, purchases, requests, and cancellations. If organizations are able to latch onto this customer digital footprint, aggregate and analyze them and decipher meaningful findings from them - then they have hit a gold mine. And the decision-making executives of today are hungry for this customer intelligence information, and in fact require a smart suite of tools to be able to make meaning of this humongous data sets. However, the challenge lies in the fact that they are unable to get this right as they have budgetary, technology resource constraints.

Our Customer Engagement Analytics portfolio enables organizations to transform information silos into actionable insights and thus get a firm footing in the customer experience space. We analyse all customer touch points (calls, emails, chat, etc.), consolidate and visualize these using dashboards/bubble charts thus providing customer segmentation for live support. Our OpexWise tool has Data Mining capability, Artificial Intelligence, Agile Dashboards and Real-Time reporting built in to provide a 360° customer view. It helps organizations in data mining to better understand customer engagement and identify top recurring service requests and improve self-service options to reduce such requests.

Some of the services that we provide include:

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