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Hyperautomation Services and Solutions for Digital Transformation


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Find out how hyperautomation can help you step up your digital transformation journey with function specific automation use cases and intelligent automation adoption options

Case Studies


Futuristic Cybersecurity for Hi Tech Giant

Discover the revolutionary transformation of network security for a Fortune 500 Cybersecurity and Networking giant, achieved through proactive network surveillance and cutting-edge cybersecurity measures that ensure uninterrupted operations by thwarting threats before they strike. 

Agent Workflow Digitization

Hyperautomation driven E-retail efficiency

Explore how our unparalleled intelligent automation solutions helped our eCommerce client to automate 38+ complex processes, increased accuracy, and resulted in 100% efficiency.

Our Approach

At iOPEX Technologies, we offer a wide range of hyperautomation solutions and services that include process automation solutions, robotic process automation services, automation consulting services, hyperautomation services, and intelligent automation services. Our approach to hyperautomation solutions & services is based on the client's current technology adoption, objectives, cultural resistance, current process & data management, and other factors.

As a technology partner, we play a major role in the successful execution of hyperautomation services by creating a transformation engine that fuels itself from new technology and cultural changes incorporated, leading to a continuous and durable transformation to provide a 360-degree business experience.

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Goal setting

We work with our clients to discover the current state of business processes, the data involved, and the technologies used to set a clear scope along with the timelines and metrics to measure. Our automation solutions focus on risk factors to mitigate before goal setting and on developing a metric system to measure progress.

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Pilot Phase

Once the goals are set, we create use-case scenarios across business functions and finalize priorities. A fusion team is formed to bring in a unified approach and map progress toward the objectives. We determine the technology fitment to meet transformation goals and initiate the pilot phase.

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Digital First Toolsets

We choose the right tools and technologies to pave the way for establishing a Digital-first organization. An assessment is performed to understand the current optimization levels across different business units. A digital-first approach is institutionalized to enhance the business of experiences, including user experience, employee experience, system experience, and customer experience.


From the learnings gained from the pilot phase, we customize hyperautomation solutions for different business units - Capacity planning, change management, and SLAs are generated. The scope for citizen development is established. Early adaptors will evangelize hyperautomation efforts.

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During the execution phase, we reimagine and redefine the process and data and establish simple rule-based automation & RPA-based automation. We orchestrate multiple technologies, tools, and platforms including artificial intelligence, learning from data exceptions, and tuning bots to self-learn by establishing AIOPs, ML Ops, and Analytics process automation.

Digital Transformation

Digital Operations Strategy:

A How-To Guide for Digital Transformation

Know your Maturity Index

We all know where and how automation is becoming predominant in an enterprise, but how do we know that we are taking the right steps to stay competitive?

  • Take a step back in understanding the indispensable ways of automating your business processes
  • Define goals to realize a better workforce & workplace experience and provide insights to track it
  • Chart the business benefits that automation can bring when carefully integrated across your business functions

Before choosing the automation path, it is essential to understand the drivers of automation by doing a maturity analysis. Understand where you are and accelerate.

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Automation is not meant to be a planned activity and is done on a need basis, mostly script-based, and can be done using freely available tools.

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Automation is implemented to address a particular business problem; repetitive tasks are automated using RPA technologies for one or few business problems

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Automation is planned proactive in this stage where domain experts are involved to explore the processes that can be automated to achieve productivity and efficiency.

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A well-defined automation strategy is implemented at an organizational level using various platforms and tools. This sets the base to combine RPA and Cognitive automation (AI &ML).

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Business functions are handled by digital workers coupled with self-learning, self-help and machine learning based decision for a true digital operation to improve the overall service experience.

Business Benefits

Improved Productivity: Our process automation solutions, robotic process automation services, and other automation services free up the human workforce from regular mundane tasks, allowing them to perform tasks requiring human expertise, resulting in higher productivity. Digital workers perform error-free tasks enhancing the overall quality of tasks.

Better Control to Scale: Most companies prefer to outsource these high-labored tasks to external vendors, but deploying digital workers helps to avoid the inherited risks, thereby enabling enterprises to have better visibility, control, and ownership. Digital workers can also handle peak periods and surge hours, thereby enabling businesses to scale up and down their operations based on demand, without any additional hiring.

Cost Savings: When compared to a human workforce, a digital worker can perform tasks much faster and round-the-clock at a much lower rate. It also facilitates speed and scalability, which creates a positive impact on the bottom line and results in a better return on investment (ROI). It is estimated that the cost savings from digital workers range from 25% to 50%, which is a significant amount for any business.

Technology Framework

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Execution Steps

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Business Readiness Analysis

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Business Case Discovery

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Proof of Concept

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• Process Assessment • Scope and Compatibility • Feasibility Study Report • Effort and Benefit Estimation
• Business Case Discovery • Optimized Process Generation • End-to-End Process Discovery • Curated Automation Suggestion • Cost & Effort Breakdowns
• Shortlist POC Process • Identify suitable Automation Platform • Reference Architecture • Pilot Project Execution
• Process Definition Documents (PDD) • Solution Design Documents (SDD) • Automation Design, Testing & Deployment • Configuration & UAT & Release Notes
• Set-up Automation Center of Excellence • Infrastructure, Governance, and Security • 24x7 Application Support Group

Automation Use Cases

FIWA - Financial Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant

Finance & Accounting

Explore the F&A process areas for automation in the Finance and Accounting function

Tiwa-Technology Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant

Information Technology

Explore the IT process areas for automation in the Information Technology function

Hiwa - HR Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant

Human Resource

Explore the HR process areas for automation in the Human Resource function

Digital Transformation With Intelligent Automation

Business Operations

Explore the Ops process areas for automation in the Operational function

Hyperautomation Tools & Technologies

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Talend Cloud Data Integration
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