imedia lens - Continuously measures ad-investments and improves ROI

iMediaLens enables marketers to unravel the source of truth from digital ad-spend metrics across different digital investment channels. With ample ways to connect with consumers, the marketers need a companion to rely and lean on to constantly explore the right path to purchase and increase customer growth, revenue maximization and sustain.


  • Compare key digital metrics like impression, clicks & visits against true business metrics like calls, order and revenue to map media contribution to revenue.
  • Maps different channels to identify the right ones to increase awareness and acquisition.
  • Helps to build different models and hypothesis to constantly re-evaluate the optimal path for reach and acquisition.
  • Segregate sites and networks to drive high view ability, clicks with optimal CPM.
  • Derive different campaign optimization steps based on ROI across channel, region, DOW, ad-size, platform and stream of advertising.
  • Setup business rules and alert to continuously measure peaks and valley on the ROI.
  • Manage and automate campaign change via direct ad-server integration and reduce change management cycle time.
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icheck Ads - Automates creative QA & safe guards brand experience in the user’s eyes

iCheckAds quality assures and provide compliance on IAB standards, high-quality for a great brand experience and clean for user safety for all the ads served via programmatic or direct campaigns.


  • Identification of interstitial ads, pop-ups, auto-expand, auto-scroll, auto play sound to improve user experience.
  • Avoid latent ads that slows down loading speed and affect the user’s experience resulting in poor content monetization.
  • Detect auto-redirects, data leakages via pixel drops for consumer safety and publisher/ad-tech reputation.
  • Flexibility to configure QA settings across various geo proxies to measure user experience across different geography
  • Auto detect brand damaging ads using proven Google Vision API and drive brand safety awareness.
  • Reduce cycle time to launch campaign by tracking down issues and letting stakeholders to be on the same page with instant notification and instructions on how to act.
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imedia place - Streamlines your order to cash workflow for the premium direct ad-sales

iMediaplace provides a scalable platform for publishers and affiliate networks to enable the premium inventory sales to brands at scale, enabling sales team focus on selling instead of managing a process. The entire workflow of order to cash is seamlessly managed in an ad-server agnostic framework interfacing sales, ad operations and revenue management teams.


  • Aggregate your inventory along with first party audience details, standardize into a product catalog for sales team to easily sell.
  • Manage inventory, pricing, discounts in a simple interface for scale
  • Automate the double entry process in CRM and ad-server allowing ad operations team spend a lot of time on optimizing campaign and reduce the campaign launch cycle time with great accuracy.
  • Detect latent ads, auto-redirects, data leakages via pixel drops for consumer safety and publisher/ad-tech reputation.
  • Auto import third party data for easy reconciliation and invoice generation
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