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Quality Assurance

Rethink quality assurance framework when you blend both legacy and digital systems to augment your offering to your customers and systems users

Quality Assurance
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Deploying an end-to-end approach with intelligent and automated QA processes will gain quality and speed to propagate faster business and technology change

Qa Automation

QA Automation

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Service Offerings


System/Technology Assurance
We enable 360-degree assurance framework covering the cloud, Big data, IoT, Web and mobile applications in line to business results and customer experience
Performance Assurance
Performance testing of applications across various technologies tiers and integrated ecosystems helps to build a highly responsive and durable customer experience
Experience Assurance
Enable greater user adoption through ease of use by validating user interface design, usability elements, ease of navigation and omnichannel access
Security Assurance
Build custom code or configure out of the box tools and automatically crawls app, tests for vulnerabilities to continuously test and assess the risk of web services and applications to help prevent a damaging security breach
Business Assurance
We elevate QA from application quality to business process complexness through Business Process and User acceptance testing
Smarter Quality Assurance
Develop re-usable and configurable robots for automating testing of human-machine and machine-machine interactions across the integrated ecosystem

Our Approach

Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Plan Icon
Quality Assurance Plan
A clear blueprint of the entire QA process is well documented as a reference point for the team - some of the key elements are traceability matrix, system documentation, review & audit, project reporting, and risk management
Quality Assurance Omnichannel Testing Icon
Omnichannel testing
Product or Application testing is performed across different platforms and devices for a seamless user experience. Responsive is taken care for every browser and device for better representation
Quality Assurance Embedded Approach Icon
Embedded Approach
Testing is integrated from the initial stages of development with a clear framework to achieve speed, efficiency, and quality focussed on reducing defect density and improving user experiences
Quality Assurance Qa Automation Icon
QA Automation
We automate repetitive tasks performed by human testers throughout the testing phase of the product development cycle which enables 24/7 testing environment for faster results
QA Automation

Our Expertise


Right Tools & Techniques: Our testing team are trained to possess four major qualities to produce consistent results which includes.

  • Preparation of Test plans
  • Preparation of test data in line to business outcome and system performance
  • Usage of testing tools & techniques very early
  • Complete accountability from unit test to user acceptance test execution.

DevOps and Agile Approach: Our continuous testing using DevOps testing strategy is an approach we adopt to perform software and system testing earlier in the software lifecycle, Continuous Testing, which is often called shift-left testing is very instrument in achieving the following goals - increasing quality, shortening long test cycles and reducing the possibility of software defects making their way into production code.


Key Metrics

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Reduction In Time To Production

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Test Cases Relating Functionality Are Automated

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Test Asset Reusability For Efficiency Gain

Quality Assurance Test Test Coverage And Effectiveness Across Devices And Personas Key Metrics Icon

Test Coverage And Effectiveness Across Devices And Personas

Quality Assurance Defect Leakage To Production Key Metrics Icon

Defect Leakage To Production

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