Revenue Assurance Services

iOPEX revenue assurance services focuses on monitoring, baselining, auditing and investigating contracts and related services for revenue leakage areas. Keeping with the adage of "A dollar saved is a dollar earned”, our RA teams work closely with various stakeholders in the client organization to implement process improvements, wherever necessary, to arrest future revenue losses. We also co-ordinate the recognition of identified leaks thereby improving profits, revenue, and cash flows.

Our Services:

iOPEX’s Revenue Assurance services is quite different from the traditional approach and focuses on funnel-based analysis of filtering the revenue leakage on an end-to-end basis. Generally, when a single process is scrutinized for revenue drip there are chances of missing it on a long run, hence a right balance between short and long-term bottom line analysis is taken care of to have a more comprehensive coverage.

Our Revenue Assurance Approach:

  • We ensure not only to prevent revenue leakage but also to identify revenue enhance opportunities throughout the cycle.
  • Measurement of process performance is accurately reported by monitoring the overall revenue assurance process.
  • Data-driven decision is made while analyzing the leakage and we ensure to analyze historical data to have a comparative study for a potential leakage.
  • We help developing processes and control on a regular basis within the revenue assurance function.
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