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Enabling your enterprise to Search are best for targeting users who already know what they want and compounding that with and social advertising increases the conversation probability by bringing people's perspective back to your business on a different medium

Social and Search Advertising Services
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With the increasing number of users using search engines and social platforms, it is important to understand the intent and personas of audiences and invest in them to increase qualified web traffic

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3 Brands Redefining Creativity In Advertising

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Service Offerings

SEO Strategy & Management

Deliver business needs specific customized on-page SEO tactics, keyword research and technical SEO using conversion rate optimization techniques to investigate and come up with new ways to increase footfall and sales on your website from organic search visitors

Targeted PPC Campaigns

Target your most qualified audience and deliver a custom PPC campaign to reach customers where they are already looking resulting in increased conversions, greater revenue and to gain an edge over your competitors

Social Media Advertising

Reach out to your audience, build brand awareness, and drive engagement through targeted and competitive ad campaigns across social media sites and start selling more through online enterprise social media advertising

Community Engagement

Create engaging social media communities through editorial planning, monitoring and moderation, and content driven campaigns that are based on your business goals

Marketing Analytical Insights

Track the efficacy of online ads, organic search and landing pages through your analytics and marketing automation systems to get an integrated view of digital marketing value and ROI

Audit & Remediate

Conduct function by function audit of current digital marketing analytics capabilities to discover areas of improvement, untapped opportunities, and potential business areas that can translate to measurable results and ROI across search and social channels


Our Approach

Social Search Planning And Consulting Icon
Planning and Consulting

We manage your budget and planning based on past result and leveraging analytics to provide recommended targets and alert all parties and set a transparent platform and operations

Social Search Execution Icons

We undertake the executional tasks, such as defining keywords, creating campaigning, testing compliance and QA across multiple campaigns and manage operations based on agreed SLAs

Social Search Monitor And Optimize Icons
Monitor and Optimize

We monitor the execution goals on a daily across all campaigns , Optimize based on results & best practices and Report back on results and alert all parties

Social Media Marketing Services

Our Expertise


Design Services: Our team of designers will help your enterprise improve brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and user interaction, and boost business growth by making your products appear unique and trending using recognizable visual features, high-quality graphic elements, exciting animation, and transitions

Tools Used: Here at iOPEX, we use Axure, Omnigraffle, Justinmind, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, inVision, etc. to create original, simple, clear, and attractive elements that are intuitive and allows natural interaction without overloading the interface


Key Metrics

Social Search Media Spend Managed Between Search And Social Key Metrics Icon
$20M / Month

Media Spend Managed Between Search & Social

Social Search Ad Groups Created And Managed Key Metrics Icon
5k+ / Month

Ad Groups Created & Managed

Social Search New Copy Writing And Revisions Key Metrics Icon
20k+ / Month

New Copy Writing And Revisions

Social Search Increase In Social Reach Key Metrics Icon

Increase In Social Reach

Social Search Decrease In Cost Per Conversion Key Metrics Icon

Decrease In Cost Per Conversion


Connect with us to find out how we can support your brand through our social media and search engagements

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