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SOX IT Compliance

Adapt to the continuously evolving IT compliance audit and remediation needs by effectively streamlining and automating processes to mitigate security, threat, and regulatory needs

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Deep thought


Adhering to SOX compliance needs becomes easy when technology enables auditors to swiftly investigate and remediate at optimal cost


Bridging the SOX compliance gap with automation


Optimized SOX audit & compliance effort through automation

Case study

Advisory Outcomes


Optimize Resource Dependency
Deploy alternative delivery models driven by automation to fill resource gaps, drive greater capabilities and align limited resources to strategic priorities
Reduced Compliance Hours
Fewer rote communication between auditors and owners with enhanced control designs derived from automated workflows and SLA driven notifications lead to reduced man-hours spent on compliance
Strengthened Control Structure
High control awareness by improving association between control and risk to increase operational efficiency and secure highly reliable reports
Centralized & Automated Governance
Incorporate good governance practice and technology for better quality and efficient reports through end-to-end automation using Low Code platforms, RPA, ETL and BI
Prioritized Security Risks
Create a robust security framework by prioritizing high-risk areas and developing remediation strategies with automated systems along with our expert consultants and also adapt to regulatory changes quickly
Reduced Expense
Low cost to comply with SOX and reduced number of required FTEs for testing and validation using SOX IT Compliance Automated Solutions and right-shoring to gather and review internal control evidence

Our Approach

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Continuous Assessment
We identify and assess your organization’s internal control design with particular emphasis on changes in systems, people, processes, or technology to ensure they keep up with the changes in regulations
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Prioritized Solutions
We prioritise high-risk areas based on initial scoping and risk assessment to highlight gaps and improvement areas, and develop remediation efforts along with process leaders and account owners
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Automated Functions
We develop automation functions then test and validate them based on gathered and reviewed internal control evidence
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Technology Integration
We implement end to end automation using Azure Data Factory, RPA – UiPath and macros, and carry out quarterly control execution using low-code/no-code platform

Our Expertise


Our SOX solutions experts will help you improve compliance and reduce costs through minimal human intervention by building innovative audit programs using ETL & RPA for managing SOX control workflows and control execution through low code/no code platform

Talk to us to understand how organizations world over are scaling and optimizing their governance and compliance standards