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Technology Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant: Ease your team’s routine maintenance work and enable focus on high-value engagements and innovation using a workflow assistant framework that seamlessly fits into any IT ecosystem

Tiwa-Technology Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant
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Deep thought


Incorporating digital workers for performing high volume repetitive tasks to support modernization and maintenance at an optimal cost is essential to enable innovation in an IT landscape


Highly-efficient infrastructure operations support to improve engineering productivity and reduce ef

Case Study
Cs Network Operations Center 2 1450x500

The Network Operations Center team helped the client to improve productivity by 93%

Case Study

Operational Outcomes


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Process Automation

Embrace digital workers and enable touchless or less touch transactions for speed and scale to modernize your workplace and workforce and improve customer service experience and offerings

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Improved Ticket Resolution
Fast resolution to a variety of service requests and incidents including user and access management, infrastructure and application support and auto monitoring of alerts and remedial actions using our conversational and process BOTs
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24/7 Service Availability

Contextual self-service, mobile, chat, and Machine Learning toolsets redefine the servicing experience through 24/7 availability of service at no additional cost

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Improved Customer Experience

Contextual self-service options combined with digital works that operate seamlessly across processes result in improved TAT for tickets and higher CSAT to transform the customer experience from inside out

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Controlled Costs

Optimize the number of deployed FTEs to reduce operational costs by managing the number of reactive and proactive events thereby increasing productivity of engineers

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Drive Innovation

Free your engineers to do quality innovative projects rather than doing basic blocking and tackling type of work. Enable a happy and creative workplace 


Our Approach

Tiwa System Architecture Evaluation Icon
System Architecture Evaluation

By accessing your system architecture, we determine the best ways of creating seamless workflows using built-in integration, APIs, and third-party solutions 

Tiwa Application Stacking Icon
Application Stacking

We use customised software to integrate your application stacks so that large volumes of data can be seamlessly moved across various platforms and processed through applications

Tiwa Coordinating Workflow Automation Icon
Coordinating Workflow Automation

We ensure data harmony in your organization by connecting all mission-critical applications, syncing your software, and creating bridges link applications and workflows

Tiwa Deploy Low Code No Code Icon
Deploy Low Code/ No Code

We create applications for workflow efficiency optimization using the low code/ no code platform that removes technical debt and refocuses IT department energies on innovation and efficiency

Tiwa Interactive Bots Icon
Interactive Bots

We help you build, train, and deploy bots interacting with terminal and GUI based interfaces catering to different service requests and incident tickets


Our Expertise


Our integrated workflow assistant framework – TIWA, developed using a combination of BOTs enables seamless automation across siloed IT systems and helps you create a digital workforce insulated from the risks of low productivity, attrition, and cost inflation, some of the key areas of expertise include

  • User Management
  • Infrastructure & System Management
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Secutiry & Risk Management
Create quantifiable ROI by investing in TIWA
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