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Derive competitive advantage by harnessing data and generate actionable insights to measure the right value and benefits and be a leader

Data Analysis & Visualization Services
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Tap into the reservoir of operational data and become an analytics-driven organization to generate growth, accelerate value creation and enable competitive advantage

Customer Engagement Analytics

Why customer engagement analytics is important than ever before?

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Gaining Insights from Data Analysis & Visualization


Digital Outcomes


Instant Data Absorption

Encapsulate complex information on operational data through rich expertise in building repeatable data ingestion & pipeline frameworks for easy interpretation and better decision-making

Performance Interpretation

Track connections between operations and overall business performance to map the correlation between business functions and market performance

Fast Action

Swift responses to changes and quick identification of new opportunities for competitive industry advantage using Big Data visualization tools where everyone from analysts to executives can quickly find actionable insights

Enhanced Decision Making

Capitalize and collaborate on emerging trends and enterprise performance through connected intelligence spanning across Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, HR, and IT

Emerging Trends Embracement

Spot market shifts and trends in varied and large data sets by collecting, monitoring, and analyzing key indicators using Big Data visualization and analysis tools

Increased Communication

Leverage data visualization to bring decision-makers, employees, and partners on the same platform to share data analysis-based strategies and plan growth

Our Approach

Data Analysis Visualization Data Construction Icon

Data Construction

We craft a clear structure to collect data at scale and convert them into valuable information. We run systematic data mining procedures to identify trends, groupings, and other relationships
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Map Data to business outcomes

We will understand your business goals and set predefined KPIs & processes to refine the data and transform to making meaningful correlation to your business objectives and consistently refine them
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Data Visualization

Data correlation and its representation should be comprehensive, robust, and yet simple – Our managed services team will produce charts, graphs, heatmaps using advanced data visualization tools for better business decisioning
Data Analysis Visualization Enable Power Bi Icon

Enable Power BI

We implement Power BI tools to integrate any amount (Big data) and any type of data for deep analysis, visualization, and interpretation and make it available for the business and support them 24x7 and drive self-service adoption
Data Analysis Visualization Advance Dashboards Icon

Advance Dashboards

We help clients to build different kinds of advanced dashboard templates by aggregating across complex source and simplify presentation and visualization of information
Data Analysis & Visualization Experts

Our Expertise


Analytics process automation: Automate tedious repetitive time-consuming analytics processes and redirect enterprise resources towards more productive pursuits.

Tools and Techniques: iOPEX's data analytics and visualization experts are trained to use all the latest tools and techniques understanding each of its pros and cons.


Key Metrics

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Digital Marketing Spend Analyzed And Reported

Data Analysis And Visualization Met In Making The Reports And Analysis Key Metrics Icon

99.9% SL

Met In Making The Reports And Analysis Available On Time, Catering To Different Bus

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7,500 Reports / Week

Produced By Analyzing Different Data Sources

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Worth Of Contract Analyzed And Reported For Revenue And Cost Assurance

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24/7 support

To Meet Worldwide Needs Of Enterprises By Adopting Follow The Sun Operating Model

Let us guide you on how data analysis and visualization can help you grow your business
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