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iOPEX Technologies launches OPEXWise - An Integrated Delivery Platform to Unify Enterprises’ Front Office, Back Office and IT Operations

Dec 16 2021 ,

Experience the “OneOffice” vision from iOPEX

iOPEX Technologies, a global digital transformation services provider, today announced the launch of its integrated delivery platform for digital transformation, OpexWise. It enables iOPEX customers to digitally transform while they operate and realize operational savings to drive self-funding digital transformation initiatives.

OPEXWise combines three vital drivers — automation, operational platforms and cloud adoption for enterprises. These drivers propel digital transformation necessary to connect front office, back office and IT operations.

Considering the complexity of the transformation in developing the “OneOffice” experience, there is no one tool that is going to deliver end to end transformation. The need of the hour is a delivery platform with experience in automation, operational technologies and cloud transformation. OpexWise delivers just that as a jump start solution to deliver savings to drive transformation.

“OpexWise leverages market-leading automation and cloud solutions, including Uipath, BluePrism, Outsystems, ServiceNow, Workato, GCP, AWS, Azure, etc., to drive efficiency and transformation in the area of contact center, network managed services, finance and back office operations. Its platform of automation libraries stitched across RPA, No Code/Low Code and Cloud platform and tools, when integrated with the workflow, thrusts a huge tailwind to break the air pocket that an enterprise would have during their transformation journey,” said Nagarajan Chakravarthy, Chief Digital Officer of iOPEX Technologies.

“Our expertise in working with world’s largest telecommunication companies and retailers over the last 5 years has enabled us to develop this delivery platform with broad and deep coverage resulting in savings of over $1Billion for our customers,” said Bala Pandian, VP Head of Automation and Platform Engineering.

iOPEX Technologies represents the world’s leading telecom companies and retailers. To learn more about OpexWise, visit

About iOPEX Technologies

iOPEX is a leader in digital operations. We help transform the business operations of large enterprises by integrating them with automation. We deliver operational solutions and automation for business processes like technology, finance, and marketing operations. Our framework for integrated workflow automation helps the journey for operational teams to go from manual operations to AI-based operations to No-Ops delivering up to 30% cost savings. We help some of the top fortune 500 companies to optimize enterprise operations and adopt digital transformation across different industry verticals.

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