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Revenue & Cost Assurance

Redress your revenue and cost assurance processes and systems for operational efficiencies by incorporating automation, data analytics and AI/ML to Increase profits and cut wastes

Revenue & Cost Assurance
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Steep revenue margins demand need shift in focus from assuring revenues to assuring business models by adopting an automated data-centric revenue assurance framework

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Operational Outcomes

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Enhanced Service Delivery

Enhance service delivery, minimize invoice disputes, ensure right first-time billing by integrating automation and analytics to view and action data and enable real-time experience for customers
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Support New Services

Facilitate quick creation of new services and support by generating multiple new controls to protect these services using closed-loop actions, complex algorithms and machine learning
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Greater Process Control

Maintain data intelligence between partner systems to secure more granular, real-time control over service usage and processes so utilization reconciliation happens in real time
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Higher Data Accuracy

Automated data extraction reduces turnaround time, manual errors, and processes, and generates complete audit trail with highly accurate data
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Predictive Insights

Analyze vast streams of data and leverage data analytics capabilities to identify past and potential leakages and maximize revenues by pre-empting fraud, and improving ecosystem visibility through predictive insights
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Optimized Products & Processes

Analyze consumer events and service usage data in real-time across multi-channel distribution networks to discover issues with products and processes and optimize them to improve margins

Our Approach

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We work with you to study sources of leakage and prioritize revenue assurance levers for quick wins through a data-driven process considering multiple factors like revenue leakage magnitude, feasibility of implementing specific levers, and your organization’s current capabilities and appetite for change

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Quick Wins

Post diagnosis, we develop and iterate small-scale solutions to quickly identify and recover leaked revenue within the first one to three months of a revenue assurance program starting with the introduction and testing of changes to existing tools and processes

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We clamber our solutions and enable client capabilities for sustainable revenue capture following the testing and improvements phase. In this phase, revenue assurance works its way inside the pulse of the company, typically within the first six months of a program. We ensure that new tools, processes, and capabilities continue to have a material payoff long after our involvement has ended

Revenue Assurance Services

Our Expertise


First-hand Experience: iOPEX's first-hand experience enables us to assess systems and processes to identify common root causes of revenue leakage. We have worked with various industries to efficiently identify and prioritize the most effective levers for revenue recovery

Tools and Processes: Our customizable digital tools can plug into standard enterprise systems for billing, pricing, contracting, cost, and account management

Customized Solution: Our focus on organizational capability building is the key differentiator of our enterprise solution. To that end, we work with clients to develop solutions that are tailored to their business and people 


Key Metrics

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Minimum Saving From Overall Contract Billing

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Coverage On All Products Review Ordered By The Customer

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ROI On The FTE Cost Investment For Our Customers

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Concurrency Of Contracts Analysis Framework/ FTE At Any Point Of Time

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30% Attained Assure Minimum Margin For All The Customers.

Allow us to discover and fix revenue leaks, frauds, and data reconciliation problems
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