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Supportfirst helps you unlock your support potential and address the stakeholder challenges.

Support First
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Feature of Supportfirst


Accelerated Self-service

Supportfirst’s Self-help portal helps Customers to resolve problems by guiding them through diagnostic questions that identify the root-cause and provides ready-to-use resolution steps.

Adaptive Learning

iOPEX's Supportfirst drives on-the-job learning to achieve SME-like performance from every agent by assigning incidents with incremental increase in complexity based on agent’s past performance in solving incidents.

Accelerated Ramp-up

Supportfirst ensures that new agents with minimal training or experience can become productive from the first day by providing them with incident-specific diagnostic and guided resolutions to solve incidents without any external help.

Directed Knowledge Capture

Supportfirst analyzes voluminous incident data using Natural Language Processing and recognizes prominent problem areas. Supportfirst provides an interface where SMEs are direct to provide the diagnostic steps and resolution process for these problem areas, which it continuously validates for effectiveness and relevancy.

Guided Resolution for Agents

Supportfirst provides the agents with pin-pointed troubleshooting instructions for complex incidents to help them accurately diagnose the problem and provides them the solution to resolve them.

Knowledge Sources Integration

Supportfirst integrates the knowledge residing in various data sources across the organization like incident history, runbooks, KB articles, defects logs, Known Error Databases, Wiki etc. Supportfirst contextually maps relevant knowledge from all the available sources to new support incidents by identifying the call drivers causing the incidents.

Social Integration

Supportfirst actively detects probable issues on social channels and alerts you even before the customer registers an incident, enabling you to proactively support even before it is called for.

Operational Insight Dashboards

Supportfirst presents the on-the-floor scenario to your managers with customizable dashboards which highlight favorable and undesirable events by continuously updating business critical metrics and also providing actionable interpretation to take quick and accurate decisions.

Drill-down Analytics

Supportfirst helps you sift through voluminous incident logs and unearth areas of improvement by allowing you to add/remove dimensions for comparing various factors in real-time. Supportfirst facilitates, SQL-like selection for choosing or eliminating multiple criteria and generates graphical reports on the fly in desired format.


Benefits of Supportfirst




  • Address Customer grievances proactively through automated response to incidents arising via social channels.
  • Deflect and reduce incidents by enabling self-service for customers through guided solutions of curated issues.
  • Provide agent with incident-specific diagnostics to examine the incident effectively, assuring the customers of quick and precise responses.


  • Extract the intent of the problem using Natural Language Processing and provide a history of similar past incidents with their solution paths.
  • Provide incident-specific diagnostics along with illustrations to help agents narrow down on the most probable causes for the incident.
  • Guide the support agents to the relevant resolution steps- recorded and validated by SMEs – ensuring Right First Time Resolution.


  • Internalize all problem-solving knowledge from SMEs for identified problem areas resulting in a complete and ready-to-use Knowledgebase.
  • Guide agents to resolutions for complex incidents through a user-friendly interface using knowledgebase as & when required.
  • Provide real-time support for on-call agents from more experienced agents through screen-sharing and remote desktop control.


  • Realize sustainable scaled up operations by consistent quality of performance at increased volumes.
  • Enable enterprise-wide adoption of uniform service processes to provide functional agility.


Identify Pain-areas

  • Provide robust drilled-down analytics reports with contextual analysis to identify key pain-areas.
  • Highlight automatically identified top call drivers where SMEs can directly provide resolution information.
  • Compare business-critical metrics in real time to take informed and quick decisions.

 Apply KB for Issue Resolution

  • Capture probable causes, diagnostics and resolution steps from SMEs for identified top call drivers and continously validate them.
  • Make the relevant and validated information available to agents as needed for quicker resolution.

Auto-refresh KB

  • Record knowledge of SMEs for identified top call drivers and validate from Senior SMEs to ensure correctness of captured information.
  • Track the usage-frequency of captured knowledge and identify the unused or rarely used diagnostics and resolution steps to keep it current.
  • Show Usage Analytics of the KB to help SMEs ensure that the KB remains relevant.

Map KB to New Incidents

  • Infer the intent of an incident from its content using Natural Language Processing to map the incident to an already identified call driver.
  • Associate relevant diagnostics, solutions, KB articles and similar past incident along with solution paths to ensure complete utilization of the KB.


Improve Escalation Ratio

  • Provide agents with only relevant diagnostic steps and validated resolution process to help solve issues Right First Time.
  • Shift resolution of complex yet repetitive incidents from L3 to L2 and L2 to L1 by continuous knowledge capturing from higher skilled agents and spreading it to lesser skilled agents.
  • Decrease escalation of incidents from L1 to L2 by 30-4-% and L2 to L3 by 10-15% on average.

Build Knowledge

  • Prioritize SME Knowledge-capturing for problem areas based on metrics (volume, criticality).
  • Record solution path of incidents resolved by senior agents and enable audit of the same by SMEs to ensure resolution by lower skilled agents for similar incidents.

Reduce People Dependency

  • Ensure completeness of knowledge building for each problem type by systematic capture of diagnostics and resolutions from SMEs.
  • Serve incident-specific information on need basis to guide the agent to resolution via a user-friendly interface.
  • Extract the knowledge from individuals and ‘Attrition-proof’ the organization by making it available across the board.

Track Productivity

  • Track contributions to KB enrichment per individual.
  • Highlight ineffective resolutions and identify improvement areas.
  • Track agent wise productivity in terms of speed, accuracy, quality, and volume of cases handled.
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